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Worth Ave Phone Insurance: please share experiences

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  1. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    The title says it all: has anyone had any experience with Worth Ave phone insurance? Googling doesn't turn up very many discussions of the insurance, however it does look pretty good on paper.

    If you've had an experience with in, please give some details. What did you insure? How much did you pay? Did you have to make any claims? If so, how did the claims process go, and what was the result? Have you noticed anything about Worth Ave insurance that you think may go unnoticed if not looking closely? Any and all information is helpful.

    EDIT: @Moderators, please do not merge this thread into some big general insurance thread. I have Googled Worth Ave and searched this forum: neither place has very much info. If it turns out that Worth Ave is indeed a good insurance option, lumping into some big general thread will prevent most people from even hearing about it. Everyone already knows about SquareTrade and Asurion: no one seems to know about Worth Ave..... yet.

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I have no experience. I just called them today, though. They don't cover lost phones. Only stolen. How do they know the difference? If you believe you phone to be stolen, you have to fill out a police report and it's a felony to falsely fill out such a claim.

    How do the police know? They don't. So they don't technically cover lost phones unless you file a false police report wink wink. Silly.

    I elected not to leave assurian because the whole situation sounded bogus and I woudn't be saving that much anyway.
  3. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    I may just need to stop searching for a deal in this situation and go with the sure thing... It's so against my nature though! Lol. Thanks for the input Steven
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    you're welcome. I have taken advantage of my insurance on several occasions with assurian and there were no hassles.
  5. Zumi

    Zumi Well-Known Member

    Peace of mind, my friend....peace of mind....

  6. swstrick

    swstrick New Member

    I find the best insurance is my old phone or one I get off Craigslist. Cheaper than buying insurance and paying a deductible.
  7. Saija

    Saija New Member

    Phone insurance is becoming of increasing importance. Cell phone insurance as it is referred to in USA or mobile phone insurance the UK and Australian common term is important as the devices move into advanced or smart phone category; meaning that they are becoming much more expensive to replace. Many consider it to be fraud though by companies not replacing original phones with new ones. They use re manufactured phones as a replacement if one gets lost, damaged or stolen.

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