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  1. I ordered this phone off Amazon. Is it worth it

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  2. kevincwelch

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    How much did you pay? If you got a 2 year contract and paid $99 for the phone, then I would say no. If you paid $250 for the phone without a contract, then I would say no as well. If you got the phone for $99 bucks and no contract, then sure.

    It's a decent phone. It's free of bloatware. There are plenty of good ROMS that are well established.

    But, it's an older phone.
  3. Why is it not worth it..ive got every sprint Android phone except this one ..Just ordered htc one .but what's wrong with it..Even with 4.04?
  4. I can tell ya the photon is the best phone
  5. Yes, Photon is a very good phone.

    NExus 4G sucks in terms of cell, Wifi, 4G receptions. GPS ain't that hot either. Camera sucks to no end (but Photon camera ain't great either).

    The ONLY thing that is decent is the screen...and the fact that it has 404. But, i don't expect it to get 5.0, given how long it took for Nexus S to get 404.

    I can't recommend this phone to anybody, even if they got it for free. :mad:
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  6. Umm actually this phone wks pretty dam good
  7. Poor soul...so naive and excited at first.... :D (I was one many moons ago....)

    Trust me, spend a good week or two with it by going places and making lots of surfing/calls...and your opinion will change...as it did with most of us. :mad: Geez, i hope that you did not get this phone for much money or as a two year agreement deal. If so, then just refund it!

    Do you see many seasoned Nexus S owners jumping in to support it? :vollkommenauf:
  8. SurrealOne

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    I have had this phone from day 1 and have enjoyed it very much Thai has nothing but problems with his NXS4g and Each new phone buyer should make up his or her own mind. As with any device you will have good and bad reviews. My review is GREAT is all areas WiFi phone web surfing camera all are good for me no battery problems nothing wrong at all.
  9. If you live in a big city and never travel, then yeah, it is a decent phone. BUT, your comment about the camera being good is shocking! I am not sure if you try any other cameras...hell, pick up an old Galaxy S phone from ATT (Fascinate?) and try the camera. It is A LOT better despite having no flash!! Dude, our camera only looks "good" on paper...in practice, it sucks.
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    My camera works fine. I have a real camera for taking real pictures. This is a cell phone camera I use it when I have forgot my REAL camera. I would not buy this phone for the camera. It will be a few years before you can judge a phone by the pictures it takes. This is a great android phone and yes it takes pictures too. Yes the updates were slow but welcome to the android club. As long as my phone works like a phone I'm :D
  11. Sorry man...that excuse is only for those with shitty cameras! In this day and age, i want a phone camera that takes decent pics anywhere, anytime. I have a fabulous P&S (Canon S95)...but, it is NOT practical to carry that everywhere. But, forget all that...explain to me why my brother's Samsung Fascinate takes wonderful pics (despite lack of flash) and why my Nexus S (came after Fascinate to market) does not. Simple question.

    So, you don't buy the phone for camera...so, what did you buy it for? The shitty Wifi connection? The shitty 4G? The shitty GPS? Please, don't tell me that the CDMA radios are good on this phone! Samsung can't make a decent CDMA radio if their lives depended on it!! Go ahead...stand next to your Wifi router and run Speedtest...and see the crap speed that it gets. Now, get an iPhone and do the same. Now, if you step just a few feet away from the router or around the corner, your speed goes to zero! Try the same on iPhone...or any Motorola smartphone!

    In my house, my Nexus can't make a call...yes, a cell phone call. My iPhone has no problem. Both are CDMA phones. One is useless inside my house...the other is perfectly OK. Same service. Same plan.

    I don't base my opinion on internet readings...i base it on actual use and reproducible tests.

    And it is a damn shame that Google continues to use Samsung for their "flagshit" phone maker! Nice screen, big processor...useless in everything else that matters! Now, if Motorola were to make the next Google phone, then i may come back...but until then, screw Samsung and Google for decontenting my "flagshit" phone!
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    Like I said.......
    I have had this phone from day 1 and have enjoyed it very much Thai has nothing but problems with his NXS4g and Each new phone buyer should make up his or her own mind. As with any device you will have good and bad reviews. My review is GREAT is all areas WiFi phone web surfing camera all are good for me no battery problems nothing wrong at all.
    I have no problems with my Nexus S 4G PHONE.
    It's a bummer you have had such bad luck better luck with your other phone.

    Now back to the OP:
    you will find many results good and bad. My everyday use of the Nexus S 4G has been great.
    Most of the time people come to forums when they have problem. Or to try and tweak the device(ROOTING) Most of the time you will not find users that are happy searching forums for help with a good device. As you can see. Some good and some bad. Good luck

    BTW: The new Nexus<Still made by Samsung :) on Sprint is a great device and has support for LTE.

  13. Actually two wks of extremely heavy use and no problems smartass

  14. Ur a ****in prick
  15. Hey, that's not nice! I am glad that you're still in the honeymoon phrase of your ownership. I hope that it continues to serve you well.

    HOWEVER, what i wrote above is FACTUAL.

    Wifi: http://androidforums.com/nexus-s-4g/451791-nexus-wifi-comparison.html

    Camera? Well, Nexus S 4g is a Galaxy S phone, right? My brother's Captivate (or whatever the name is on ATT) is Galaxy S phone. Not SII, just S. Nexus S 4G came out AFTER Captivate. Captivate has no flash. YET, Captivate takes much better pics! We did apple-to-apple comparo on the same subject at the same time under the same lighting. Feel free to explain that to me because i don't get it.

    And if you think that Samsung makes good CDMA radios...then you need to check out Verizon Galaxy Nexus forum! And this is with Verizon, which arguably has the best coverage and 4G spectrum!!

    Cell signal...go to a place where your phone has bad signal...then compare that to another Sprint phone (Motorola, iPhone, etc.). You will see what i mean. Drop calls are the norm in "weak" signal areas...i put quotes because it is weak ONLY to the Nexus S!

    So, yeah, before you call me out or cuss at me, you may want to do more research there youngster! :rolleyes:

    Now, my friend's Motorola Photon has been quite impressive in cell signal reception...so, yeah, i stand by my statement that i wish Motorola would make the next Google phone...and ONLY then will i come back to Android.
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    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    Maybe Thai
    You forgot the the topic of the thread. Also maybe you dont understand that not everybody has had the same bad luck as you.

    Let it go and move on. Your Nexus s 4g sucks and ours does not. Thats all.
  17. I know the topic...and i answered it the best i can without fanboyism coming into play. Is it worth it? No...and i gave factual evidence behind my reasoning. Is my phone the only one that is bad?? No. Other users on this forum say the same thing. Where do you get "ours"? You and the OP? Sure, if this is the only phone that you have or have not experience other phones, then yeah, it is OK...but that is only because you don't know any better. In fact, i have no idea why anyone would pick this phone over a Motorola Photon. What good is it to have a Google phone when the updates are as rare as a non-Google phone? Everyday, i am envious of my friend's Photon able to pick up cell signal where mine is shutdown. Sorry, for me, cell signal is my livelihood...my job depends on it. YMMV.

    Look, this phone has major flaws whether one likes to sugar coat it or not.
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  18. jroc

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    Gotta agree with Thai on this one.

    If you don't have good to great Sprint service, I wouldn't get this phone. My kids mother has this and an iPhone 4...and in here area Sprint just sucks. But her iPhone does better for reception.
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  19. Philbarter

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    I paid $50 for mine on Amazon, got my wife one there also $50,yes it is worth it. The only issue I have had was a NFC security problem that Sprint was happy to exchange phone over.
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  20. Philbarter

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    You really push the photon, I have a Nexus S and I have rooted and rom'd past Android phones...... for me I'm over that. Yes there are some good features by romming however every rom seems to have a bug or two which is treated like the elephant in the room. I decided when I bought my daughter a Nexus S then my wife the same phone that it would be my next phone and I will not try to improve it by adding bugs. At least the bugs on stock may be addressed, I say MAY because we all know carriers are fast in responding.
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  21. For me, a smartphone MUST be a good cell phone first and foremost. That is what i require in a phone, any phone. My job requires good connection all the time, anywhere in the building. My phone is also my pager, night or day. Luckily, Sprint service is good where i live and work. (Verizon is half decent; ATT is nonexistent.) The problem comes when a phone cannot get connected to Sprint service due to shitty radio(s). And this is where Motorola (and Apple) smartphones are superior to Samsung...at least, for sure on CDMA networks. So, yeah, if Samsung makes great CDMA radios, then i will be on board with them in a heartbeat due to their great screens and super processors. But having the latter goodies in a smartphone that cannot make a simple phone call is pure utter FAIL for me.
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    Almost all phone makers use the same radio (qualcomm)
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  23. Does our Nexus have the Qualcomm chipset?
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    I have no idea I have not look into the specs.

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