Worth it just for the 1800 mAh battery?

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  1. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    Beam is supposedly coming with a 1800 mAh battery. Now, for
    using the pico projector frequently that is probably underpowered,
    however, the projector is hardly going to see frequent use.

    So could this be the first smartphone with decent usage time for
    normal use?

    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy, a 1500 mAh phone. With normal
    use I can get 48 hours out of it... sometimes more if the usage is

    1800 mAh is 20% more power... does this mean we're going to see
    a smartphone that works normally for 3 days and perhaps a week
    with light use?

    I think that's a feature worth paying for in itself.

  2. james_beam

    james_beam Member

    battery's power would depend on the user's discretion.

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