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Worth the $500+Support

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  1. Ganjamaican

    Ganjamaican Member

    Hey I have found HTC One+ 64 GB
    Now it costs, $500 on EBay
    I have the money, but the last smartphone I had I paid $230 (Blackberry 9700)
    I was able to take care of it for a full 2 years, do you think I should invest the money in the One X+ and after one year sell it for about $300-400 on Ebay, especially if I buy an Otterbox to protect

    Give your VALUABLE opinion on this thread? Please....

    btw.. I live in Jamaica, so phones that are used especially keep well retain their value well.

  2. Ganjamaican

    Ganjamaican Member

    Anybody's input will hep me greatly
  3. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    I love my hox. I would say it was worth the cash as it does everything very well, from the superb camera to the quad core processor. The only down side would be battery life, although I dont have any major issues, you will need to charge it up most days if you use the camera/gaming a lot.
  4. Ganjamaican

    Ganjamaican Member

    Hmm so the resale value of the One X+ 64 GB, in the next year what do you think it would be ??
  5. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    Crumbs, how longs a piece of string! The HTC website has the Hox all over it atm so will retain its value for at least 6 months I would think. Then I guess if you figure a reduction of $100 ? But that is a pure guess!
  6. NoobDude

    NoobDude New Member

    IMO the oneX+ is deffo worth 500$ if you have the money. As for resale value, the high end phones like these tend to hold their value pretty well. I would attribute this to the fact it takes a LONG time for them to be truly outdated. Yes newer and "better" phones come out every few months, but these phone will still be compatible with future software/apps for a good few years yet, even longer if you root and flash the newest roms. I would place a wager these phones will be worth up to 350-400$ for anther 2 years, in excellent condition.
  7. Ganjamaican

    Ganjamaican Member

    haha the ebay Auction has left the building.
    I have found a place selling NEW ones for $680
    The link : HTC One X+

    I think that is too expensive, what do you think?

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