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  1. OutlawFirebird

    OutlawFirebird Well-Known Member

    So do you think its worth going from a droid 2 to the droid 4?

  2. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    I would. Spec wise, it's just a huge leap forward. 4G, 1GB RAM, dual core, bigger screen and better keyboard. I could go on. In a perfect world, I would've kept the original Droid, but the hardware just can't keep up with the leaps in software sometimes.
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  3. fastharryDOTcom

    fastharryDOTcom Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing. But mine is working fine as I don't use many apps at once.

    And you KNOW the Droid 5 will be out in less than 8 months. So I figure that will be enough time to let ICS settle in..and maybe a new line of CPUs and all...
  4. RideZeLitenin

    RideZeLitenin Well-Known Member

    I'm certainly hoping to get this as an upgrade over my LG Ally. The comparison between the D2 and Ally is pretty big.. but between the Ally and the D4? It'll be a whole new friggin world.
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  5. Donjo

    Donjo Well-Known Member

    Think its worth it from the Droid 1?? :rolleyes:
  6. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

  7. zeroibis

    zeroibis Active Member

    actually I am still holding onto the D1 until I see an unlocked boot loader.
  8. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    Hopefully the "Developer" RAZR is the beginning of Moto's (LONG AWAITED) unlocking movement. Long shot? Yes. Worth hoping for? Yes as well, lol.
  9. myfishbear

    myfishbear Well-Known Member

    d1<d4 .....the og droid is getting dated.. 600 mhz vs 1200mhz dual core...
    d2 if running a custom rom>d4
    going from a d2 to a d4 isnt that big of an upgrade unless you can get 4glte in you area. would i do it? no unless you have the 2 year upgrade... its not worth more than 200.
  10. RHaggard

    RHaggard Member

    If you are planning on using it to supply data to your laptop then definitely yes. 4g is almost like being hardwired to the internet. If not, I'd hang on to the Droid 2 until it falls apart.
  11. Zero5295

    Zero5295 Active Member

    Well at least this bad boy has been rooted, but still waiting for fastboot files. Check out XDA forums or Google "Droid 4 root" for proof :)
  12. LtLeary

    LtLeary New Member

    Outside the "gee I got a new toy," I haven't seen any real difference in performance (yet.)
    Of course, most of my "unproductive labor" is spent trying to put all the apps back in the "right" place.
    The keyboard feels sightly larger and of course they moved things around a bit so you will have to pay attention (I only had a droid 2 for about 2 years so I got into some habits that aren't one for one with the 4)
    Over the next few days I will be syncing contacts with my cars, re-pairing keyboards and headsets, finding new docking stations, holsters,etc...standard stuff.

    I am not sure of the tradeoff between bigger screen and larger phone. Time will tell on that. Sometimes it feels like I am back in the early 90s as the phones keep getting bigger...othertimes my poor eyes are thankful!

    Someone (I think it was VZW) preloaded a bunch of apps that I will have to go thru and purge as needed.

    So, is it worth it???? So far..no..but ask again in a month!!! :)
  13. DonJMac

    DonJMac New Member

    you have duel core on 4 and not on the 2,I had the 2 ,now I have the 4 and it is awsome, and I rooted it very easy,my 2 was rooted also:) it is well worth the upgrade
  14. Napalm

    Napalm Well-Known Member

    got the fiance an upgrade from the D2 to the D4. VZ is running a promotion to get people to 4g devices.

    So even though her phone was less than 1 year old. it was 2 year price - $100.

    So for $100 I got her a new phone.

    So far she facecracked and gamed the hell out of it yesterday and it made it from 7:00 in the morning to 10:40 at night.

    And she abuses the smurf out of a device.

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