would any "camera" apps improve the picture quality taken with Galaxy Nexus?Support

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  1. vancouver3

    vancouver3 Active Member

    I believe many Galaxy Nexus users encoutering a bad camera experience, it is definitely not a decent one for phone in this level.

    However, the major issue Im having with my Nexus is that the pictures tend to blurrs easily, it needs some kind of sterilization.

    I was wondering if any of those camera Apps out there will significantly improve the picture quality, "Camera Zoom FX" is the one that I am looking into right now, and I've tried "Camera360, doesn't seems to compatible with the ICS just.

    Anyways, any users here that actually used any camera apps and it helped?


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  2. BzB

    BzB Well-Known Member

    @op the camera apps that you mentioned have additional features, but the best way to take pictures with the phone is to have good lighting and use the touch to focus method prior to taking the picture if all else fails. some people have better success with the nexus camera than others. seems the only way to get better pics if you're having issues is to practice different methods that work for you.
  3. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I love Camera Zoom FX. I find it easier to use than stock (where the button is on the stock camera is awkward to use and almost always leads to camera shake blur) , and have gotten great pics with it.
  4. VMac

    VMac Member

    Almost every example of "bad camera" I have seen is the result of user not adjusting to the fact that this has an almost instant shutter response -- that is, when you hit the button, it takes the photo! It does not pause for a brief moment, giving you time to steady the phone. Everyone asked for this, and now no one realizes they have to actually HOLD THE PHONE STEADY in low light. It is not the camera.
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  5. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    The camera interface in "Camera Effects" is really quite good.

    I've used Camera 360 without any problems, but CE is a more pro, put together feel.

    I have taken some fantastic photos with this phone. Every bit as good as my wife's 4S.
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  6. biffsmash

    biffsmash Well-Known Member

    Best way to take a good pic, is to take 4 or 5 in rapid succession. Not only will you potentially have 4 or 5 good pics, but you'll usually always get 1 good one. And all that in the time it takes to take 1 on most other phones :D Awesome :)
  7. vancouver3

    vancouver3 Active Member

    hummm, I found it akward that the "shutter" button is on the touch screen, and right in the central of the camera window as well~ it will be great if it can be configured to power button!~
  8. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    Almost all the blurry shots I get are the result of me not holding the phone steady.
  9. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Most blurry shots are due to not holding it steady and not tapping to focus. But in low light it's not very good and I guess this is where updated or other camera apps can help.
  10. jackburnt

    jackburnt Well-Known Member

    Here's what I do:

    1) Press the shutter button (keep your finger there)
    2) Tap the screen where to focus
    3) Wait for green box
    4) Release

    I get fairly good shots with the above method. Removing your finger doesn't shake as much as pressing/removing.
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  11. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    noise/blurr on photo occurs most when digital image stabilization kicks in due to shaking, and cuz of zero shutter lag, tapping button causes shaking.
    also its better to clean lens before taking photos.

    IMO camera zoom FX is worth its price.
    it has stable shot to take photo when it shakes least, also you can set buttons to take photo (like volume up/down) etc.
    i get better result with camerazoom fx.
  12. vancouver3

    vancouver3 Active Member

    Thanks very much for the tips~
  13. vancouver3

    vancouver3 Active Member

    Ok, I will give Camera Zoom FX a try~ Thanks
  14. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    One other thing I haven't seen mentioned yet in this thread. It is very easy for your fingers to touch on the lense on the back of the phone. This will distort the quality of your pics if the lense is dirty, holding fingerprints, smeared, etc. Always make sure it is wiped clean prior to taking your photos.
  15. have24

    have24 Active Member

    I wish phone manufactures would put a physical shutter on cell phones. Every time you open up the camera app the shutter would open as well. Don't really think it would cost all that much to add and also don't think it would be that big of a battery drain. I constantly get fingerprints on the lens and have to wipe my lens off before I take a picture otherwise it severely effects the image quality.
  16. Matreyu

    Matreyu Well-Known Member

    Does the Nexus have image stabilization built in?

    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    I miss my S2 Camera...that thing was awesome :(
  18. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    all smartphone/digital cameras have digital image stabilization. (well compact and high end and SLR has other options for this)
    what it does is, it makes less blurry when it shakes but it causes more noise on photo.
  19. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    for camera 360 where is the button to take photos? Camera Effects tries to auto focus and ends up taking a slightly out of focus pic on my nexus... IMO the camera quality on my SGS Fascinate 3G+ was better...
  20. AussieAndroid

    AussieAndroid Well-Known Member

    Do any camera apps have significantly better white balance? Also, some ISO, brightness, or contrast settings would be good.
  21. jclake

    jclake Well-Known Member

    Does Barcode Scanner work on your phone? If it does not, then the auto focus on your phone is defective and that is why you can't take good pictures.
  22. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    I feel like my Gnex takes spectacular pictures. I always thought my iPhone 4 was the best I had ever used but I switched back to the iPhone a couple days ago specifically to use at an event I was attending. Pictures turned out terribly, 5-6 seconds to launch the camera app, another 5-6 seconds to save a picture and half of them were either blown out or blurry. It was absolutely brutal waiting for it to open/save when you have somebody posing for a shot. Sure was missing my Gnex right about then....

    I actually returned my Razor in favor of the Gnex because the Gnex took so much better pictures in store side by side. I was quite surprised and have been very happy with it's picture quality ever since.

    If the screen is blurry at all off the bat I always tap to focus and snap away after it turns green with the stock camera app. Pictures turn out beautifully.
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  23. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    I finally found a camera app that does what I want. It's in the other camera thread that was recently made.


    Here's a link.


    Basically, it has the same look as the stock camera, has the same zero shutter lag, lets you map the volume keys to take the photo (as well as other things), the video side will let you map the volume keys to turn on and off the flash, and most importantly, the photos are saved using the same protocols as they do in the stock one. So when you start taking new pictures with this app, it just keeps your camera roll going. That's what I hated about camera zoom. The video mode also has 2x bitrate. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm curious if it looks a lot better.

    Oh yeah, and you can turn off the sound being made when you take a picture, rather than relying on the media volume being down. I use my camera to document things (thank you, zero shutter lag), take pictures of funny things/ people I happen to see and might not want someone to know I was taking a picture.
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