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would certain microUSB cables not work?Support

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  1. HankAtrix

    HankAtrix Well-Known Member

    Hello Forum -

    I am trying to get a solid connection between my PC and Atrix. It has worked in the past but the connection continues to drop after a few minutes. I bought some new MicroUSB cords recently that were not Motorola. Is there any difference between MicroUSB cords? I can't imagine that there is a difference but thought I would ask.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    MicroUSB is a standard. All MicroUSB cables should work.

    If you are getting a poor connection, odds are you bought a crappy quality (CHEAP!!) cable. Usually, the poor quality cables do not fit the ports properly, are loose, or make poor contact.

    Sometimes they seem to be working just fine, but the contact is so weak that you breathe on them and they move enough to break the contact.

    Other times, they are made of cheap wire, or poorly assembled and have loose connections/broke wires within the cable. Typically, cold solider joints at the contacts that are brittle and break easy.

    Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.
  3. HankAtrix

    HankAtrix Well-Known Member

    That looks true in this case. I paid $3 each for the cables (very discounted)...
  4. Keyes777

    Keyes777 New Member

    Strangely enough I have bought several 3rd party micro USB cables to fix the same problem. Some would work intermittently, and others would not work at all. I ended up purchasing an
  5. Jazonknight

    Jazonknight Active Member

    Ok simple troubleshooting you replaced the cable and same issue well that means it either the computer or the phone. So try your phone in the wall charger if that works may help say the phone isn't the problem also try a different computer. Then the last test would be try a different usb port on your computer..... Also one last thing when it is connected you may need to change a setting to what you want the usb connection to do when you connect to the computer for example i leave mine on the none option. Maybe this setting got changed to whatever way you are use to connecting to your computer.
  6. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    You are confused. The OP stated that it's a cheap cable and that's where the problem is. Not the computer or the phone.
  7. Jazonknight

    Jazonknight Active Member

    Really only know if its the cable if he trys not cheap cable. No verification on that it is the cable.
  8. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    I think you are confusing the OP with the other person that chimed in.
  9. When I went to download music from my desktop to my Atrix, I could not get ANY of the typical Mini USBs I had laying around to work. Associate of mine mentioned there is a new/different 'standard' at play with these phones. Use the mini USB cord that came with the phone as part of the wall charger.

  10. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    There is NOTHING special about the MICRO USB (not MINI) cables used for these phones.

    I have several, aftermarket MICRO USB cables that I bought over the last 2 years as my last BB also used MICRO USB. All of them work fine with my Atrix. In fact, the stock cable that came with the phone is plugged into the wall charger by my nightstand. I don't know that I've ever used it for data.

    The only time I've ever run into issues are with CHEAP cables that do not work with anything.

    But, again, no matter what a friend tells you... there is NOTHING special about the cables for the Atrix. It uses an industry standard MICRO USB cable.
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  11. gasman117

    gasman117 New Member

    I believe the moto usb has new power pin. Mine will only charge with real moto cable. As for data transfer i would suspect that is standardized. Ymmv.
  12. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    Nope - nothing special about the cable. NO special power pin.

    If it's not charging, verify the power source is putting out at least 750mHa. Anything below that won't trigger the charging circuit. Many usb hubs can't pass that much power through. On my Dell Laptop, I've only been able to charge devices using the left side USB port as it's a FULL POWER, Charging port where the other are standard, 500mHa USB ports that won't charge anything.

    My BB 9700 also used the MicroUSB format. I have several cables and RIM/BlackBerry branded chargers I bought for that phone. I use them just fine for my Atrix. At work, it sits plugged into a RIM/BB branded MicroUSB charger. And, when at work, I copy files to and from it with a standard, Generic MicroUSB cable I bought for the BB that stays in my desk drawer.

    At home, I use a standard, Retractable MicroUSB cable that I picked up at the local Tiger Direct Store for $9.99 to keep in my laptop bag.

    For the last time, there is NOTHING SPECIAL about the cable that comes with the Atrix, or the MicroUSB port on the Atrix.
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  13. ujmnz

    ujmnz Member

    For charging purposes, all the cables are the same. For data, you have to make sure they have the data pins to transfer data to pc. That's the only difference, but most come ready for data anyways these days.
  14. keshavrajt

    keshavrajt New Member

    Thanks Wolfman! I am just curious as I am going to get an Atrix from the US but does not have the USB cable only.

    I have been reading in the Moto support forums about a lot of people facing problems with charging and syncing using Non-OEM MicroUSB cables.

    Just to confirm again -- (i) Will I be able to use a good quality Micro-USB cable to charge using the wall charger?

    (ii) Can I use the same cable to sync data to my Atrix as I've been reading about charging-only and data cables being separate?

    Thanks in advance.
  15. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    To answer your questions, I only use the OEM cable to charge it from the OEM charger plugged in by my bed at night.

    The other times, I use aftermarket, non-OEM, Standard Micro-USB cables that I bought for use with my BlackBerry 9700. They work just fine for data transfers and charging.

    I also use a RIM/BlackBerry branded charger that I've had for a couple of years to charge it during the day with no problems.

    So, you should be fine as long as you buy GOOD cables.

    However, the OEM cable/chargers are CHEAP on Amazon.com here in the states. If you search for Atrix OEM chargers, you will usually find them both (charger and OEM cable) for under $10. I just ordered a couple of these for my Fiance and her kids... they are $3.99 each set!!
    Amazon.com: Motorola SPN5504/SKN5004A micro-USB Home and Travel Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories
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  16. keshavrajt

    keshavrajt New Member

    That is really helpful and Under 5$ :)!!
  17. mrphil101

    mrphil101 Member

    I believe where the confusion about the "new" cable is that the engineering cable that would be used to NVFlash is different. It has a configuration where a couple of pins are tied together. We can't use that and your not likely to run across one. The cable that we use for data connections and charging are one and the same standard off the shelf 5 pin cables. Our phone does not use all 5 pins, and there are some cheap cables where they only connect 4 of the pins, as one of the contacts is not used. That may be the problem with your cables.
  18. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    While there are 5 pins in the port on the device, only 4 are ever used in a STANDARD USB (A, B, Mini or Micro)cable per IEEE standard pinouts...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Some specialty cables, like the engineering cable you mention for the NVflash have the 5th pin in use (Technically, it's the "4th" pin in the pinout placement). But, those are the only ones that use more than 4 pins.
  19. keshavrajt

    keshavrajt New Member


    Got the Atrix finally and successfully managed to unlock it and everything is working just fine except for some charging problem I faced.

    I reside in India and I got everything except for the charger cable like I had previously mentioned.

    I bought a supposedly "good" cable (Made in China) but my phone took close to seven hours to charge from 15% to 100% through the wall charger. Do you think it has to do with the cable?

    (i) Since the OEM wall charger is flat pin, I have to use a simple converter (Flat to round) as the sockets are mostly round here. Can that be a problem as I'm guessing there might be a problem with the contact pins inside?

    (ii) I am also using a spike buster (multiple sockets) to connect the various cables of my computer. I charged the phone using one of the sockets on the spike buster. Is there a possibility that not enough current is passing through due to multiple sockets and devices being used?

    Since I live in India, I cannot buy a cable from Amazon right away. However, I wanted to ask If an OEM BB cable or Motorola Defy cable would help?

    Thanks in advance
  20. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    It sounds like going through the different power converters you are using is killing the amperage.

    You need to find a power adapter made for your electrical system that you can plug directly into the wall without a bunch of converters.

    ANY charger that has a standard USB charging port that puts out at least 750mHa should work. Plug it into the wall and plug the USB cacble into it to charge.

    You need something like this...
    Buy Novel Dual Travel Charger 2 Port 1A (Black) USB 03 B at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews
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  21. keshavrajt

    keshavrajt New Member

    The culprit turned out to be the so called "good" cable. I finally managed to get hold of a Blackberry cable and it charges just fine :)!

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