Would I be able to exchange my G1?General

  1. Raging

    Raging Active Member

    Would I be able to exchange my phone, its been about a month since I got it. The problems I've been having with it is that the phone creeks when I flip it open. Also sometimes, when it flips open too hard, it for some reason shuts off and I cannot turn it back on unless i recharge it or take out he battery and put it back in. It is not running out of battery cause when i put it into charge, it is around 60%.

    I also have some scratches on the phone, other than that the phone is in pretty good condition. I even still have the screen protector it came with.

    Do I call T-mobile, or do I bring it to a T-mobile store? I have the white G1.

  2. Raging

    Raging Active Member

    I also have the warranty that I pay for. Do I call customer service for t-mobile or call the store? Thanks for the help.
  3. ericsscion

    ericsscion Active Member

    i just had my G1 replaced because of the creaking noise and the shutting off... go ahead and call them ... they will work with you
  4. Raging

    Raging Active Member

    Alright, I've never called customer support for exchanges before and I thought it was going to be a big hassle and such. But, it turned out better than I thought, I called and they transferred me to the G1 support team or something like that, and the women that answered me was very nice. She asked me a couple questions and told me that it was definitely a problem. Therefore she filled out a form to send me my phone. She was very talkative, asking about what im doing for the holidays and stuff. Big plus to T-mobile customer service :)

    So, my new G1 will be arriving before the 30th and I need to send the old one back. One last question I have is that, is there a limited exchanges you can do within a year. Also, whats the difference between the warranty with T-mobile and the one that I'm paying for which is 5$?
  5. Filament

    Filament Member

    For any insurance claims, aka PHP, there's a deductible of $110 to replace the G1. For warranty claims, it's free.
  6. Raging

    Raging Active Member

    Whattttt...So if my phone gets stolen, dropped in water, and others, the insurance I am paying for will not cover it free of charge? I have to pay 110$ to get it replaced?
  7. Filament

    Filament Member

    This is how all insurance works. Car insurance, house insurance, health insurance, etc. You pay a monthly premium, as well as a deductible for every claim. Have you been living under a rock?
  8. derkk

    derkk Active Member

    This is the precise reason why I won't pay an extra $6/month. I don't have a lot of extra cash, but I basically insure myself. I save the $6/month and I don't have to pay that deductible if I lose or damage my phone. I just have to decide if I'm responsible enough for another nice phone or if I need to go with a cheaper one.

    Insurance companies are in the biz of making money, not saving us money. When it comes to a cell phone, the number of claims are so high, that the premium and deductibles are going way up.

    I think its best to self insure your phone (no insurance). This will make you more responsible for your mistakes and not buy in to the same business that is charging higher rates. Don't pay for other peoples mistakes. That's basically what you do with any insurance.
  9. Filament

    Filament Member

    Yeah, self insuring your phone by spending $400 to replace it sounds like solid logic.

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