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Would like to remove the music control from pulldown

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  1. ThermoDyn

    ThermoDyn New Member

    Just picked up yesterday - big upgrade from my old Dext :) Looks like no recovery or cyanogen support yet though. I was able to root fairly easily with superoneclick.

    I would like a way to get rid of the music controls in the notification pulldown - wastes way to much screen and I don't listen to music on this device. Would also be nice if the carrier text went away as well.

    Tried looking at framework-res per a thread at XDA but it doesn't look like it's applicable on this phone/version.

    Probably best to wait till a recovery comes out so I can make a nandoird backup first before tweaking the system files.

  2. ThermoDyn

    ThermoDyn New Member

  3. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    You should download alternate statusbar like superstatusbar

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