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  1. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    Hi Everybody!:eek: This is probably going to sound a bit ignorant and I am!!! Purchased new &droid incred phone to replace the one that bit it! I am exceedingly inept when it comes to software and uploading it to a new phone. Then when we add, "unlocking" and if I want to unlock new phone, which comes first? A wild guess is the unlocking and I am afraid I will do something out of order and ruin it all. I don't mind experimenting and with the deadline for legal unlocking looming close, I would like to get a bit more educated or, unfortunately, I need my hand held, literally, or as close as possible online! Would anyone like to or be willing to hold my hand for the sake of helping me get back to the point of having a smart phone? Been without since Christmas!
    I feel so incredibly needy and I care not for the feeling! I just don't have any experience since I don't have anyone to walk me through! My geek squad contract ran out in April on the old phone and since I purchased the new phone for $50 on eBay, can't use geek squad anymore!!!:stupido2::stupid:
    Thanks for any ideas!
    I will be back on in about 8 hours or so!!!

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Unlocking(in which you are referring) is for using your phone on another carrier... I'm assuming you mean that you want to root your phone (which is 100% legal). There is a great tutorial in the all things root section. :D we are very willing to help you with any problems you run into.

    http://androidforums.com/incredible...ow-unlock-downgrade-achieve-s-off-htcdev.html (unlocking here is referring to the bootloader)

    Rooting your phone is definitely the first step before you do anything else with the phone.
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  3. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    What is the difference between unlocking and rooting? I am not sure I understand the difference?:confused:
    Thank you so much for your help! I will do my best to figure out what I can using the website provided...then I may need some guidance!
    I appreciate having people I can go to who are willing to help me! I do not take that willingness lightly and I always, "pay it forward" one way or another! The only problem is nobody on the droid network would have a need to ask me anything since I am not yet very knowledgeable in any phone subjects, yet I always find a soul who needs my help in one way or another in areas I do have some experience in! (Poor sentence structure) It's very nice to know that I am not in this entirely on my own, which has left me feeling somewhat vulnerable in some other areas of my life! But I am coming around! This may sound odd to some folk but this is the first time in my entire adult life, I haven't lived with either my parents (from birth to age 19) or either of my two prior husbands (from 19 to 53) years old! It is quite a liberating feeling in some sense and confronting in others! Cat's out of the (old) bag now, yes I am an old f__t but whatever!!!
    I can say though, I do have a printed, complete, 205 page, h.t.c., incredible owners guide that I would be more than glad to print out for someone if they have the need and I may have it on one of the many drives here, I may be able to access! Please, if anyone has a need, don't hesitate to contact me!~
    I have been able to go through some of my, "Note Everything" notes only to find either myself or someone else has done so many s.d. card back ups, some complete from the back-up date and some not complete, which has left me with so much extraneous data that I need to find a good program to weed out the excess, if there are such programs out there?[​IMG]
    I am also wondering if there are any programs out there which will completely copy my phone data so I can upload it to my new phone or do I have to start all that stuff all over again? :rock:
    One last question, if I may! How is it a member moves up from new member status to the next level here? At one time, I think I read or was told your membership status changes when you have posted so many threads, messages etc.., I think I have gone over that precipice before now and my status has yet to change...just wondering? Thanks a bunch!

  4. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Very colorful post :D

    "Unlocking" when talking about "unlocked phones" or "unlocking your phone", is referring to GSM phones (ie At&T and Tmobile), so that you can, for example, buy a phone a phone from AT&T , but get sick of paying their higher prices, you can "unlock" the phone and use the same phone on Tmobile or another GSM carrier. Or another reason to unlock a GSM phone would be if you wanted to take that same phone to another country, if it was unlocked, you could just pop in a prepaid sim card from the country and use your phone without having to pay your "home" carrier's roaming charges. Whereas CDMA phones (Verizon) do not have the option to "unlock" them in that sense. (They can however be "flashed" to another carrier, but that is not considered unlocking and is a different subject).

    Rooting, in laymen's terms, is just giving you administrator access to your phone. Which gives you the ability, to control EVERY aspect of your phone. For example.

    Why Root - Android Wiki

    Transferring your data to a new phone is (relatively) easy. You can simply plug your phone into your computer and copy all of your media files(pictures, music, documents) to it. Then if/when you get a new device, plug that device in and copy everything on to it.

    When it comes to apps, google keeps a record of every app you've downloaded, and when your new device is activated, you can simply sign into your google account from a computer http://play.google.com and just click the "install" button on the apps you want and they will be downloaded to your new phone rather quickly.

    Contacts can be backed up to google or the Verizon wireless backup assistant.

    Lastly, your member status is changed on depending how many total posts you have.
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  5. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    Thanks for the kudos on the colorful post! Recently, I have noticed my posts being long and drawn out. Painfully boring when I read it back to myself! :)When you are blessed with A.D.D., you are always attempting to improve on issues which reflect directly back to you...whether that be from re-reading your soon to be posts or what-have-you! I think in living color! I am always attempting to create positive and/or low-energy demands from friends and people who choose to be in my life, one way or the other! This may be one of the reasons why I allow people get away with stepping on me. i.e. my two ex-husbands! If you behave like a door mat, that is how you will be treated! :confused:It is most interesting to hear from men, in particular, that they really do love b____es! The stuff that gets by most people is the fact that, unless you allow someone to treat you badly, it doesn't happen, generally speaking![​IMG] Upon reflection, whenever I have observed a man and a woman in a relationship, it seems one is the dedicated door mat and the other is the one wiping their feet! This has been my observation anyway. My mother wasn't a door mat, she was wall-to-wall carpeting and I carried the tradition on, however, the buck stops here! I have a teenage son and our relationship is a great one. Whenever he brings a girl around, I tell the girls right off to let me know if he isn't being respectful and so far I haven't heard a peep! My son knows this is how I protect both sexes. He shouldn't put up with disrespect either. I have told him one of the keys to a happy relationship is to find someone who is secure in who they are and that alone preempts any foot wiping.
    It took too many years for me to figure that one out. It just may have to except the idea, that I may be better off living alone...at least until I adjust my attitude and choices in a partner!
    This is the end of my, "Dear Abby" episode, without any future episodes!

    Next issue I have is the website where all the downloads reside, "Media Fire". Does their website require you to buy a subscription? That is what appears to come up whenever I click on your direction to download prior to rooting your phone.
    Also, Verizon has told me because my soon-to-be ex. took ownership of the Verizon account, a day after he left us in the dust that my son and I will have to leave our phone numbers and our phones when we switch over to an account of our own or go to a different wireless provider. Does rooting change any of those conditions? I will say it straight out of the slot, at this point in our relationship, I hate the idea of having to give anything to him! If that indeed does change things, if I get my son a new phone and I root it before he gets a new account, will that phone also belong to my ex?
    My, I am an inquisitive little thing, aren't I?;)
    One last thing before I go, please tell me if the colorful text annoys you, otherwise it still goes! Thnak you so much!
  6. nodixe

    nodixe Member

    I like the color :) and don't be afraid to be yourself...esp on the internet lol. Sorry to hear about your situation and as to your question (not 100% sure) the only thing rooting will do is possibly violate EULA and void warranty but it wont allow you to keep your phone plan....unless you somehow use that info as leverage? Lol I can think of a few ways but I think its probably considered black mail or coercion or whatever so I wont comment further...but you know 'alls fair in love and war'. Thing I want to know is how can he end you're service without your consent?
    Edit: you don't need to pay for mediafire downloads unless you don't want to wait the 30 sec time limit for free dl's. But if you use them a lot its not a bad idea to support them ....
  7. difinka2

    difinka2 Active Member Contributor

    Hey, I like the way you think with the blackmail, coercion thing, Teehee!
    Only kidding!

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