Would like to use my tmobile phone sim in a tablet

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  1. ucladave

    ucladave Member

    I have a Tmobile value plan with 2gb unlimited data. I am currently using it in an HTC MyTouch 4g phone. When I travel, I would like to be able to put that sim card into a tablet and access my 2gb of data, whether that be web browsing or watching netflix etc.

    I know that this could be done in the original iPad, and I am wondering what tablets I could do this with. I would prefer an android tablet to an iPad (and I dont even know if this can still be done with the newer models anyway), ideally around 8" but open to the 10" or 7" versions as well.

    I am most definitely a noob, and prefer something that will just work as I am fearful my lack of experience would lead to disaster rooting/flashing/etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help, and please let me know if this thread would be more appropriately placed elsewhere.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Can't you WiFi tether using your HTC phone, or is T-Mobile going to clobber you an extra fee for that? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is available in a 3G version, that takes a SIM card.

    You can use a 3G iPad, however that uses a micro-SIM rather than a standard one. So you'd have to trim your T-Mobile SIM down to size.
  3. ucladave

    ucladave Member

    Yeah Tmobile charges $15 a month extra for tethering. Grrrr

    So the galaxy tab 2 current model would work ok? I assume Id need the ATT version, but would there be any unlocking of the device Id need to do etc? Also, does that take a standard size sim? That would certainly be an advantage over a micro sim

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