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Would Really Appreciate Google Voice InviteGeneral

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  1. Vagabond9

    Vagabond9 Member

    If anyone could spare me a Google Voice invite, that'd be great. I really want to have it right away so I only have to give out that number, and considering that I'm getting the phone tomorrow, it's pretty important to me that I get an invite. I have posted in the old threads, but never received an invite.

    Again, an invite would be incredible. I can return the favor with a Google Wave invite.

    Edit: I've received and invite. Thank you.

  2. czm2000

    czm2000 Well-Known Member

    I have one coming your way. Hang tight...
    Vagabond9 likes this.
  3. DEADCiTiEs

    DEADCiTiEs Member

    If anyone has a spare invite, I would greatly appreciate one as well. I've requested a google voice invite several weeks back but still waiting .. I'm receiving my phone tomorrow (so excited). I don't want to post my e-mail to the public, if a generous person out there has an extra, could you please PM me and I'll give you my info.

    I just got into the google wave preview today. Looking at it I'm not sure I have any invites to give out. If I have any I'll gladly exchange a google wave invite for a google voice invite. Thanks in advance!
  4. pztrick

    pztrick Active Member

    I bought mine on eBay for $3.99. Was delivered within an hour to my email acct.

  5. Dabomb420

    Dabomb420 Member

    Hey, i Know im not trying to jack the thread, but i Really could benefit from a google voice invite, im part of google wave if an invite to that would be needed, Thanks in advance
  6. eldirion

    eldirion New Member

    My Incredible is on the way and I'd love to be able to start with Google Voice. I'll be dropping text messages since I'll be paying for the data plan, so it would be nice to have free messaging.

    Does anyone have an invitation to spare? I'd appreciate it.
  7. frunko1

    frunko1 New Member

    I signed up for getting an invite. When will they send out more? I remember it took forever for the gmail invites way back when. Also is it like gmail that when you sign up you get a couple of invites you can send out?
  8. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Well-Known Member

    WOW, and so the "asking for invites" starts again. :rolleyes:
  9. runin2k1

    runin2k1 Active Member

    Once you get an invite you won't immediately get invites to resend out. It takes a couple to a few months before you get any which is why there is a shortage.
  10. dvdivx

    dvdivx Well-Known Member

    The whole invite system is why I don't use Gmail.
  11. frunko1

    frunko1 New Member

    You can just goto gmail.com and get an account now a days. They do the invites during testing phases. If the just released it to everyone they probably couldn't handle all the extra traffic
  12. chris61292

    chris61292 Well-Known Member

    edit: Invite received, Thanks ^
  13. czm2000

    czm2000 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry. I just gave mine all away. I only had a couple. I hope some others can chip a few in to help you all out.

    That said, before Google gave me invites, I had to pay a couple bucks each for them on eBay. It's definitely worth a few bucks.
  14. jareth

    jareth Well-Known Member

    Could someone tell me how to give out invites? I've had Google voice since 12/11/09, but have no idea how to give them out or if I even have any :/

    I'd really like to help you guys out, but don't know how to send invites.
  15. frunko1

    frunko1 New Member

    Need a Google Voice Invite? Ask a Friend for One That is a link that shows how if you want message me and i will give you my email
  16. dvdivx

    dvdivx Well-Known Member

    You would think Google would include it with Android.
  17. warwick002000

    warwick002000 Member

    If anyone has a spare invite, I would sure appreciate it...my Incredible should be tomorrow! Many thanks in advance!
  18. Wakerider318

    Wakerider318 Active Member

    i know right...i've had my moto droid for a less than a month n returned it to get the incredible requested for an invite n never got one. sucks! someday didn't know you could buy them off ebay though if anybody has some left hit me up! wakerider318@gmail.com...incredible might be gettin rooted really soon!!!!!
  19. BustaNY

    BustaNY Well-Known Member

  20. Atlas912

    Atlas912 Member

    If anyone can spare an invite, that would be fantastic or dare I say Incredible, haha, corny I know. I have been waiting for several months now and this will be my first android phone.

    If anybody has one PM me please :)
  21. jareth

    jareth Well-Known Member

    That's just weird then. There's definitely no "Invite a friend" link on the left, but I've been a member since December. Is it possible that they just never gave me any to give out?

    I just posted about it in google's help forum. Hopefully I'll have a few to give out soon.
  22. Can someone spare one please? I've been trying to get one for some time but I didn't want to give money for one on ebay. Thank you in advance. (gomulkaaa@yahoo.com)
  23. Shad3s

    Shad3s Member

    Would love it if someone could spare an invite for me. I have some Wave invites still and would also return the favor for google voice invites. Please PM me and Thank You in advance.
  24. mosescase

    mosescase Member

    I know it seems like everyone and there mother is asking for a invite , wait a min mom and ill give you the computer, but if any one has one left please PM me and hit me up thanks guys.
  25. dvdivx

    dvdivx Well-Known Member

    You think they would at least include it with 2.2. I could understand not including it with older phones but not to include it with the N1, Incredible and Desire is poor marketing.

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