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Would rooting prevent my Ace from getting the Gingerbread update through Kies?

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  1. M_Shaaban

    M_Shaaban Well-Known Member

    I have rooted my Galaxy Ace which is my first Android ever -I know very little about Android. I have had a single update through Kies before rooting the phone. Now, when the Gingerbread update is released, would I still be able to update through Kies? Would Kies detect the new update regardless the rooted phone? I have rooted using SuperOneClick. Thanks in advance!

  2. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    im not sure so i didn't root, could you tell me...why did you root it?
  3. M_Shaaban

    M_Shaaban Well-Known Member

    I rooted just to be able to move apps to SD

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