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Would this make a good PMP/PDA?General

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  1. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    I have (and love!) a T-Mobile S2. Everyone in my family is on AT&T or T-Mobile (save one on Virgin Mobile). I don't need a Sprint phone but I have seen these selling for around 150. I believe I could find a few good uses for it; I think it'd be a sweet little "iTouch"/camera/mini tablet for my flip phone using mother when my parents go on vacation.

    Given that I wouldn't be using data and probably never talk/text unless I could find a BYOD CDMA carrier, how good a candidate is this for a modern PDA? How is it at MHL?


  2. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    The SGS2 makes a great PDA.

    Setup WiFi then check email, use IM, work your calender then play some music.

    There are also some great free games on the G Play.
  3. Ting is Bring Your Sprint Device MVNO so you can do that.
  4. JaniceK

    JaniceK Well-Known Member

    Why not just buy an Android tablet for your Mom? Those of us with "older eyes" can appreciate the larger screen sizes.

    I got a N2A card for my daughter's NookColor and she is delighted to have a great little Android tablet w/ all the major book reading apps and a nice size screen. Even tho' DD is "technically challenged" now she's got herself an iPhone 5, so there is hope for your mom.

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