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Would unlocked Rogers HTC Magic work on Telus in non-3G areas?

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  1. tsouthen

    tsouthen Active Member

    I'm considering unlocking my Rogers HTC Magic and using it with Telus. Does anyone know if voice will work in areas that don't have 3G coverage? Looking at the specs of the Magic vs. the Hero the radio stuff seems to be the same, but I'd like to know for sure before making the switch.

    Any other caveats to be aware of?


  2. taehun123

    taehun123 New Member

    Yes you phone will work on the telus network but if your device is locked to rogers you will need to unlock it first. Though currently at telus there is better phones like the HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD and motorola Milestone, and more. most are free or cheap and if i were you id get a new phone.

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