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Wow! Titanium Backup is awesome!

  1. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    I just flashed Fresh 2.3.3 and now i'm restoring all my apps and whatnot, I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time that I'm saving by doing it this way. Even if I'm clicking "install" every 3 seconds, it's still S.W.E.E.T. I wish I had 4 dollars to donate to them. :-\

  2. The donate version is even better because then you can just tap "Restore" for your apps and the system that you backed up, and it is done automatically for you with one tap. Even with Titanium Backup, don't forget to ALWAYS make a nandroid backup before you ever make a change such as flashing a different ROM or anything else. And backup that nandroid backup from your phone to your computer too, just in case.
  3. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    I always copy my nandroids to my PC. In case something really bad happens.
  4. dmm5157

    dmm5157 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used both Titanium and MyBackup Pro and compared? I use MyBackup Pro and with Rooted access it does one-touch restore with APK+Data and market link.

    Just curious as to if Titanium is a better option.
  5. Never tried it. Just TB, donate version.
  6. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    I've changed my mind about this, after restoring everything half of my stuff is force closing, i'm going to re flash fresh 2.3.3 and do it the old fashioned way one at a time. Eff this.
  7. When you said in your OP that you loved it and you were restoring your apps with TB, but you had not donated, I wondered how you were doing it because I tried it once, saw it would not actually restore unless I was using the donate version, and just used Astro to restore each app, since I had backed them up with Astro too before I flashed a different ROM, just in case TB didn't work as a restore on the free version. It didn't, so I later donated and now the TB restore for apps and system info is awesome! Fast and easy, one tap.
  8. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    Well after I finished doing everything i was getting force closes from half of my apps, most notably one every 5 seconds from Smartkeyboard Pro. After another reboot the apps had disappeared. I probably screwed something up, oh well. I'm almost done doing it all manually now.
  9. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    I use the free version of TB.. it does restore apps and data as well as market links.. you just have to sit there and click install for each one..
  10. tonksnatcher

    tonksnatcher New Member

    What's the difference between Astro and titanium or mybackup? I thought Astro backed up my apps just like the others, now I am confused, don't want to wipe till I figure this out.
  11. Astro doesn't back up any system data like TB can, just your apps. Upon restore you need to restore each app by using the Market link saved by Astro. But that is the same as the free version of TB as far as apps go. TB will still backup and restore system information and Astro doesn't do that.
  12. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    ummm.. Free TB doesn't just have links to the market to reinstall apps.. otherwise I wouldn't be able to restore swype installer or swype..
  13. Now how would I know all the apps you are running and restoring? [​IMG] Good info, though. Like I said earlier, I didn't go on with trying to use restore in the free version of TB since it wasn't going to do what I wanted unless I upgraded to the donate version.
  14. 00h2itr

    00h2itr Well-Known Member

    I use TB free version.

    Few things... it stores the apps and other data on the SD card (there is a TB folder there)

    I've flashed several ROM's and never had an issue when restoring data from TB.

    For the person above who got FC's, I doubt it was because of TB directly, but more because you backed up data that had issues with the new ROM. When you restored that data (not APP) it caused the FC issue. I did run into that the first time I used TB. Now I backup all data and apps, but am selective on what I restore.
  15. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    I thought about that, But even when i uninstalled the keyboard and reinstalled it it was still getting FC's. Now that I've reflashed the ROM and done it all manually I'm having no problems with anything.
  16. valdesr11

    valdesr11 Well-Known Member

    Most people prefer Titanium just for the fact its specifically for rooted phones lol

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