Write to SD Card using SDCardX app

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  1. ghodzilla5150

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    A developer from Motorola Forums, Gmanapps, has created an app that lets Xoom devices, that are not rooted, write files to the SD card from within the xoom. The app does exactly as i described. There are some limitations (no batch move, it only copies, not moves, cant rename or delete). He is working on some of these features but wanted to get the app out there. Its called SDCARDX


    Motorola Forums link

    Not sure if this should be moved to the Apps section.

    Edit: Copied from XDA - Xoom and Moto Forums. I have bought and used this App personally and it works as advertised. It's a Damn shame a Developer has to do Moto/Google's work to get THEIR Device to work as advertised.

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  2. marctronixx

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    I use the app also and the dev is well respected at the above mentioned forum.
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  3. ghodzilla5150

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    I agree, he is VERY Talented and already has an update today. How Great is that.
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