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Writing pad - Android Compatible?Tips

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  1. roachdogg28

    roachdogg28 Well-Known Member

    Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this question, feel free to move it mods.

    Ive started another semester in college and one of my professors really encourages using technology in class, so i was wondering if there are any android (micro usb) compatible writing pads for use in apps like memo or similar. Ive shopped around and i dont know of any, maybe a micro usb to micro usb would work, but im wondering if anyone has successfully used one on an android phone.

    I dont want to take my laptop as i already have nearly 50 #s in my backpack.


  2. roachdogg28

    roachdogg28 Well-Known Member

    I guess there is not much interest in this. I will continue researching...
  3. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    I read somewhere that monitor dock was enabled so there is a chance.

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