Writing PRL's to your 2.3.6 is Now Possible!

  1. vmed

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    I know alot of people including myself could not change prl's with 2.3.6 but now you can. If you know all about cdma workshop & most of this process, you can skip thru most of this but I figured I'd try to put details for those who do not.

    First off, I'm not responsible if you screw up your phone! Now on with the reading...

    Your Needs are: 2.3.6 (of course) Chev's New Update, & Mav's New Clockwork Mod Recovery all installed(obviously) then Adb, Drivers for your phone, & CDMA Workshop(I'm using 2.7.0)

    1 Ok put your Data port into DM by dialing ##7678# then enter your MSL(If you don't know your MSL, go to Android Market and download Terminal Emulator. Type in "su" (for super user access) then type "getprop ril.MSL" w/o quotes (then enter to get your MSL code, once you get your code enter exit twice to exit Terminal emulator).

    2 Now you'll get to the Data port page & you'll need to switch from UMS to DM. The phone will automatically reboot. Once rebooted power down or whatever you have to do to get to the New Clockwork Mod Recovery. once there stay there (Now it stays forever in Clockwork mod!)

    3.Now open Device manager in Windows(I'm using windows 7 64bit) & look for Ports (Com & Lpt). Click that open to see what port your using ( if you don't see ports you either don't have all your drivers installed or you didn't put your Data Port into DM).

    4.Now open cdma workshop. It should open on the main tab if not click main. Enter your port number in Com settings, click connect, then click read. Your phone info should now appear. Now click the security tab & in the Password window click on the names (audiovox(toshiba), scroll down & find Samsung (Default), click send. You'll get a popup, click Ok. Now click Other tab & in the PRL window click Write. Find wherever you put your PRL file(NOTE: sometimes if you double click on a folder & not your PRL you'll get an error so try to avoid that or you might have to start the program over).

    5. Once you find your PRL, click open, popup appears click Ok, close cdma, popup-click Yes. Program will close & phone will reboot. Once rebooted go to about phone-status, & you should have your new PRL Version. When your done testing, don't forget to go back & change DM back to UMS & after reboot your finally done Hooray!

    Thanks go out to Chev & Mav for the downloads & all the hard work they do! If I've helped you then Cool! If not then that's cool too! But I thought it was pretty informative. Sorry there's no links you'll have to look around like I did. I'd appreciate someone clicking Thanks at least once lol. Some of this info I got elsewhere a while back, but for the life of me I can't remember where. Memory loss is a b_tch. Lol! Sorry if I used your info & repeated it here. Good Luck guys!

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    Awesome job bro, thanks for the info! Its a little tough to read though would you mind breaking it up a bit and formatting into easier to read mini paragraphs?
  3. vmed

    vmed Well-Known Member

    Hey Loota, I'm sorry about that long post but I just was in a rush & forgot to cut it up. Anyways I was trying for the last 10 min. to edit & every time I tried to save, it would go back to being one long paragraph. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I'll try again later for now i'm going to sleep.
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    I've always used QPST, works fine for me.
  5. vmed

    vmed Well-Known Member

    Point is you can change Prls easily while in the New Clockwork Mod Recovery, your Data Port is in DM, & if your using Cdma workshop like I did. If you have other ways of changing your PRL my hats off to you! This way works rather quickly for me. Cdma also has an updated version that is also a free demo just like some of the other programs, I just happen to have 2.7 by other means which are not spoken here. Google is your friend!

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