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Wrong Home ScreenSupport

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  1. maxpedro009

    maxpedro009 New Member

    My phone just randomly started going to a different home screen when I push the home button at the bottom of the phone. It used to go to the middle screen. Now it goes to the one on the far Left. I have tried to find a setting that I must have accidentally changed, but not had any luck. Any suggestions would be great.


  2. illegalblaq

    illegalblaq Active Member

    Pinch to zoom the home screen and it should load a.menu that shows all of your home screens giving u the option to select one to be your defualt homescreeb
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  3. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Are u using LG's UI or a market one?
  4. maxpedro009

    maxpedro009 New Member

    Perfect. Thanks for the help, that was exactly what was wrong. I must have accidentally reset the home screen in one of my drunken swipes.
  5. jonjonjon

    jonjonjon New Member

    I don't get it I'm sorry, which zoom button? I keep trying yo pinh it and it doesnt show up the homescreen option where i can choose which screen it only shows me the choices of widgets,shortcuts, folders and wallpapers... i'm having the same problem and I've been stressing finding how to put it back. please help me..
  6. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    just pinch anywhere on the home screen and you get a bunch of screens. from there you can set your home screen
  7. Bebo143

    Bebo143 New Member

    I didn't understand what do u mean by pinch???? if i do that i am getting the "shortcut,folders etc" options on the screen :( Please help me...
  8. Bebo143

    Bebo143 New Member

    Is it done by the way we zoom in the photos? I tried with that also.. its not working :(
  9. Brazbit

    Brazbit Member

    The "Shortcuts, Folders, etc..." comes up if you hold down on the screen, that is not what you want to do.

    Pinch the home screen (thumb and index finger start apart then come together in a fluid motion like you are pinching someone)
    The display will switch to a view of all seven screens and at the bottom is a choice for "Set default home screen."
    Select Set Default and the currently active home screen will blink.
    Touch the screen that you want to be your home screen and it will be highlighted.
    The home button will now take you to that screen from now on.
  10. jbtj

    jbtj New Member

    Thanks for that - perfect. I have been looking for something on it all morning and the only suggestion I got was to install a third party browser which doesn't reall solve the problem. Pity LG don't have better info on this.
  11. spltscreen

    spltscreen New Member

    Excellent! Works for the LG Optimus, too. Appreciate the assist.
  12. cinnamon327

    cinnamon327 New Member

    I have the HTC Vivid and just restored from my old broken Vivid via MyBackup Pro. Home screen is now my 'Favorites' screen. Pinching and getting all screens doesn't bring up any message for setting a home screen. Is there a place in regular settings where I can do this?


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