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Wrong recovery??? Fix it here...

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  1. meanm50

    meanm50 Well-Known Member

    First, ROM Manager does NOT work on this phone. (nothing but love for the guys that created RM though...) There are threads stating it does, if you try over and over...but it didn't work for ME. The steps I used to fix the issue are below...confirmed working by myself and another member here.

    If you used ROM Manager to try installing CWM on your phone...you probably selected 'U8160'...which is NOT our phone. Your recovery isn't completely borked...you can still flash over it with these instructions: (ps-I did the same thing you did, and thought I would be returning my 2 day old phone for a new one...these steps prevented that...as always...backup yo' shiz son!) Also, these instructions DO assume you have a working SDK/ADB install on your computer.

    Install PDAnet on your computer. This will install the USB drivers for your A2.

    Next, look for the clockwork M865 file...it's google'ble.

    Next, extract it to a folder on your computer.

    Navigate to the folder you extracted to and leave it open on your desktop.

    Double click the 'adb-windows' (or 'adb-linux' etc...if you are using a linux box, 'adb-mac' if you are an iTard) This will pop a cmd window up and then it will disappear again.

    Turn your phone off, then hold volume up and power together until it gets stuck at the white Huawei screen. Once at that screen, double click 'install-recovery-windows' on your computer (or linux or mac again...) and plug your phone in USB...it should do everything for you.

    Some hourglasses and some window pops and then nothing...unplug your phone, pull the battery for 10 seconds and then reboot into recovery by holding vol down and pwr button. VIOLA! CWM!

  2. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Well-Known Member

    your Awesome thank you. I think people will see this first and not have to spend two days trying to find the right solution...
  3. confineduser

    confineduser Member

    ok so i made sure i tried numerous times, i can safely say i myself can not get this to work idk about anyone else but when i get stuck at that screen the drivers dont detect my phone.
  4. meanm50

    meanm50 Well-Known Member

    Did you install PDA.net on your computer?
  5. confineduser

    confineduser Member

    Yes, I'm still trying to get the hang of android. It's quite the learning experience for me.
  6. confineduser

    confineduser Member

    ok finally got it working! sweet!
  7. meanm50

    meanm50 Well-Known Member

    Good! Enjoy!

    I don't have an A2 anymore, but I do recall flashing a 'Adreno 2XX' driver that was probably the best thing I did to my A2 other than root. I will try to find a link for you.
  8. confineduser

    confineduser Member

    that'd be awesome. :)
  9. ravirajpoot

    ravirajpoot Member

    I have Lava s12 android 2.2 (root with Gingerbrek)

    Today accidentally installed ClockWorkMod Recovery of micromax M1700 in it
    now m trying to load it into recovery mod with HOME+VolumeUp+Lock but it giving me error

    USB init ept @ 0x76000

    but phone working fine. only recovery mod not working

    Please Help ME
  10. levatator

    levatator Member


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