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Wrong TimeSupport

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  1. bonline

    bonline Well-Known Member

    When I am on a WIFI network, the time is wrong by an hour, but if I am on the cell network, it looks to have the correct time. Anyone having issues with the wrong time being displayed? I tried a shutdown and restart but the problem persists. Any solutions?

  2. FullWolfMoon

    FullWolfMoon Member

    Well, I just know that if I go under Settings - Location & Security - and disable Use Wireless Networks, this happens. If you keep that enabled instead of disabled, and still have the problem, I'm not sure. I think the phone needs to be able to contact the cell towers to update time. Though I'm not positive of this. When I keep that Use Wireless Networks enabled, I haven't had a problem.
  3. Phil42

    Phil42 Well-Known Member

    It could be a time zone issue, especially if you're in one of those unusual areas which straddles a time zone, or one where your region should be in one time zone but is actually in another.

    That might explain why WiFi networks would indicate one time zone while cell phone towers indicate another. The actual UTC time is the same for both, but whatever flag is used to indicate your time zone (based on the phone's location) may be incorrectly set for one.

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