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  1. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    I would like to be able to buy a mobile database application similar to Smartlist To Go or others available on Palm OS. The DB does not have to be fully relational for my purposes. Desired features:

    - Ability to create multiple independent lists of various types (inventories, shopping list, packing lists, chronological lists).
    - Ability to define desired fields and field types for each record.
    - Field types including text, numeric, checkbox, date, time, pick list.
    - Ability to sort on any field (ideally a combination of 2-3 fields; e.g., sort by Author then by Title).
    - Ability to filter out records based on field values (e.g., show only checked records in shopping list).
    - Ability to filter and sort simultaneously (e.g., only checked records, sorted by grocery store aisle).
    - Ability to import and export content in CSV format.
    - Sync with a desktop app, or at least an easy backup solution with mobile version designated as primary. (e.g., one click to save all DBs on PC in CSV).

    I know I am not the only one who wants such an app for Android (or WebOS or iPhone). The only thing making me hesitate betwen Android or WebOS is waiting to see which one gets such a database first. I would think this would be easy with SQLite running under the hood.

    P.S. The database app does *not* need to support encryption--there are separate password apps for that.

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Interesting... I'll give this some though after i finish listables, you're right too, shouldn't be too hard with SQLite in there.
  3. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    I would be very glad for such an app, so I hope you give it a try. Feel free to contact me via PM with any questions regarding features and behavior of the existing PalmOS mobile DB I know about.
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    will do, it wont be for about a month or so though, I still have some big features left to implement in listables. :)
  5. evasua

    evasua Member

    Memento is a personal database that allows you to store all personal data in one place.

    Android market url: market://search?q=pname:com.luckydroid.droidbase
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  6. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    YES!! This is exactly the type of mobile DB I am looking for (as are others who are coming from PalmOS).

    Will it run on the Samsung Moment (Android 1.5)? That phone is not listed under compatible devices at Memento 1.2.0 (LuckyDroid) - Details - AndroidGear
  7. evasua

    evasua Member

    Memento requires Android 1.6
  8. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    OK. I will buy the Pro version as soon as the phone I want (Samsung Moment) can run this app or an equivalent app.
  9. diordna2011

    diordna2011 New Member

    That reminds me of a popular database app I used for webOS called My DataBank. It does just about everything you mentioned; independent list (categories), customizable field types (text, integer, date, boolean..including pick/lookup lists), sorting/ordering by field, filtering with query condition logic (where clause), import/export and convert to CSV, table backup solution, password protection, and encryption.

    It also includes column and line graphing features.

    The only thing it doesn't include yet is the ability to sync with a desktop app. Other than that, it has a lot of database features and flexibility for managing all kinds of data.

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