WTF did Yahoo Mail go and do now!? Bad authentication

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  1. papo08

    papo08 New Member

    Ok, since day one ( 27 days ago ) My Sprint HTC Hero has worked flawlessly with my free Yahoo email acct. I just went to the email widget, typed in my email address and password, and it autoconfigured the imap settings. Worked like a charm. Yesterday it decided to "authentification failed, please verify your username/password"

    Well, although my un/pw were right, I changed my pw just to be sure I wasnt being a dumbass, no luck. I googled the problem and heard some people changed to pop3 so I tried those settings, no luck. I even tried changing my preferred location to asia, lol, no luck.

    I see this has been a problem for a LOT of people since the beginning, but whats really bothering me is I had yahoo for a month...problem free. So whats the deal with this? I am NOT paying for yahoo. this crap makes me crabby!

  2. swoid

    swoid Active Member

    i too use free yahoo and had problems from day one with my hero - intermittently getting the "Login Failed" window when i do a manual refresh. i'm sure you know the wifi and free accts issue, right? anyways, i read somewhere that going into "airplane" mode then back out will fix it. it's worked for me the last 7 or so times (cross fingers). i guess getting a new ip addy fixes it until yahoo's "team" finds you again...

    i believe this is a yahoo issue to try to get mobile users to pay or use the site for mail.

    good luck.

  3. papo08

    papo08 New Member

    Dude! ( I never say dude I swear ) Thanks so much...the airplane mode thing worked. Crazy.
  4. swoid

    swoid Active Member

    no prob, dude. that issue was killing me too. i actually exchanged my hero the first week. just wanted to "give" back to the forums. sprint csrs (i usually have good experiences with them) didn't know of any solutions.
  5. pwptsx

    pwptsx Member

    airplane mode doesn't work for me. only workaround i found was to disable WiFi. this is really weird.
  6. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. Every few weeks Ill go to access yahoo mail and it will says login failure. I have never tried the airplane mode thing, Ive always just re-booted the phone and that has seemed to work.

    Another issue Ive experienced with yahoo is sometimes you go to check your mail and you can see all of your inbox, and every now and then I go into it and it only shows 2 or 3 emails. The rest are gone. Strange.
  7. BigJayTX

    BigJayTX Active Member

    I had an issue where all of my messages would disappear from the server. I used my Yahoo Plus POP access and told the phone to leave messages on the server, but they got deleted or something anyway. Same thing happened when I used IMAP. Yahoo customer service and support is not interested in finding a solution so I migrated everything over to Gmail and will probably not renew my Yahoo Plus after having had it for over 8 years.
  8. t1jordan

    t1jordan Well-Known Member

    I just stoped using Yahoo. I only use work email and Gmail now. Im not jumping thru hoops for yahoo. lol
  9. chino0131

    chino0131 Active Member

    Ive only had this phone for about a week or so, but Ive noticed this since day 1. I was told that for some reason, the issue seems to happen on some phones when connected to WiFi. I tried it and it worked on my phone. Quite irritating if I may say so. I highly doubt its a Yahoo issue, but I could be wrong. I only say this because I jump back and forth between phones a lot ( I work construction and dont want my Hero to get damaged while out in the field), and no other phone has had this issue with my Yahoo account. I own several Blackberries, a Pre, and of course a Hero. The Hero is the only one for me though!

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