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  1. iviyth0s

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    Hey all, just poppin' in to sell an OEM Strat extended 3000mAh batt I got stuck with.

    Long story short I read various people telling me it'd fit my Sprint Epic 4G....turns out it's nothing like it (picture looked similar so I took the plunge). The E-tailer I bought it from won't take it back now, so I'll eat a little bit as long as a true Strat owner can get good use out of it and I'll get to lessen my loss. (bought it for like $26 or $27 if I remember correctly, this was about a month ago...I know, I know I'm lazy [​IMG])

    Anyway as long as the thing is given a purpose and I don't have such a useful paperweight sitting on my desk...I'll GLADLY part with it for $23 shipped to the continental US! (FIRM!! No haggling, this is a brand new never used battery. I only removed it from the little baggy it came in to snap pictures which I'll gladly upload at anyone's request.)

    Thanks for the interest!!

    BTW here's my Heatware and Ebay accounts so you know I'm not a second rate scammer/spammer


  2. iviyth0s

    iviyth0s Member

    Sold like gold!

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