Wtt iphone 3gs 16gb

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  1. mudkip

    mudkip New Member

    Alright yes, this is my first post and no i am not trying to scam.

    with that out of the way, I have had no luck on another forum so here i am.
    i want to trade my iPhone 3gs 16GB been in otter box defender almost all its life so its in excellent condition. it still dose not have firmware on it that will disallow jailbreak. willing to jail break and unlock as well. looking for a android phone in similar condition and unlocked or locked to AT&T. something a little newer then a G1 please.

    located in the Oregon area for any one that might be local

  2. pmarshall

    pmarshall New Member

    Hey mudkip..i have a merlot mytouch i mught be able to part with as long as my wife would like to get rid of it..shes currently using the HD2 and loving it..i dont see her going back to the mytouch. What ya think? If your interested ill ask and let you know.
  3. pmarshall

    pmarshall New Member

    Oh and for reference, i have over 2,000 posts on pinstack and over 40 trade/sales over there also. Username is pmarshall on pinstack too
  4. mudkip

    mudkip New Member

    I need somthing can that can communicate on the at&t 3g network
  5. redsoxfan320

    redsoxfan320 Active Member

    I'll buy your iphone from you through paypal.

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