WTT: Verizon 16gb White Iphone 4S

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  1. justpastfinish

    justpastfinish Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    Ive tried Craigslist and such but I may as well try this. A few weeks ago I purchased the White iPhone 4S. I can try to post pictures later. I need to swap back to android which I love but I am particularly looking for comparable battery life so I want to swap this for a Verizon Razr Maxx.

    Anyone wanting to trade straight up my phone for theirs....

    I live in the phoenix area in Arizona. Not sure how to do this otherwise (if not local.)

    Thanks again

  2. PCWar

    PCWar New Member

    I can offer a HTC Rezound in for trade + 50 USD on my side.
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  3. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Well-Known Member

    Any interest in a galaxy nexus?
  4. skranendonk

    skranendonk Member

    Dunno if this thread is dead or not. And I also dont want to thread jack but I have a black iPhone 4s I'm thinking of trading. Can't post an ad email me sheldon.kranendonk@gmail.com if interested.
  5. Shurple

    Shurple Well-Known Member

    I have a Motorola Droid 3, accessories including an Otterbox case, clear screen protectors, wall charger (charger says Samsung because that's all Verizon had when I broke my charger) (this phone has a slide out keyboard), plus $100. No scratches, mint condition. 3g.

    I loved iphone, so i left VZW to get it on AT&T and when AT&T sucked, I sold the iphone, and came back to vzw but got a droid... But I just want the simplicity back of an iphone.
  6. cloecher225

    cloecher225 New Member

    Hi I have a 2 1/2 month old Razr MAXX in excellent condition and can provide pictures and am looking for a Verizon Iphone to trade PM me if you are interested and we can discuss. I am looking for a straight trade no cash, it has 2 TPU cases purple and black and one brand new unused Zagg screen cover. I also have the box and the original plugs and instructions. I am looking for an IPHONE 4S for trade. ESN works as this is my main phone line. I am also new to this forum so please bare with me and be patient if I ask some questions not exactly sure how everything works yet. It is currently on craigslist as well for a local deal if I can do that as well and it will depend on the timing with regards to the availability. Thank you for your time.
  7. Shurple

    Shurple Well-Known Member

    I emailed you but no reply.
  8. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    I emailed him 3 weeks ago...phone is long gone.

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