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X10 Mini Games!General

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  1. pricey

    pricey Member

    Hi Guys,

    Please can everyone tell me what games they have on their minis?

    I have a few, but nothing that makes me say (wow) :confused:


  2. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    I guess nobody play games on this phone :)

    I used Peggle in the beginning but get boored.
    Edge was a trial but was out of date when I bother to try it :(
    Installed Labyrinth Lite, but I'm only "gaming" while laying down so that doesn't work well. Also installed Abduction! but get boored after a minute or so.
    So now I'm just playing Klondike on a regular basis.

    So, since I don't play any games I guess nobody else needs any either ;)
  3. llol_slim

    llol_slim Member

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  4. juanraz

    juanraz New Member

    Raging Thunder 2 and Need For Speed Shift
  5. Pancarcho

    Pancarcho New Member

    hey there! try to run an emulator on your xperia! i spend hours! on them, plus i connect the Wii Mote to my xperia and i can play even Better! so the Snes Games that are almost impossible to play in the touchscreen are very funny to play with the controller! and if you don't want to download so much room i use "Emulator-roms" app for android.. and there are Tons of roms and emulator for each category! give them a try! :)
  6. RikBon

    RikBon New Member

    I'm currently playing Angry Birds series games (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons)
  7. dred123

    dred123 Member

    i do play games on here, not many

    but here:
    air control lite
    robo defense free
    angry birds
    papi river
    kamakaze race
    angry frogs
    papi wall
    extreme droid jump

    all free :)

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