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    Hi all! Hope this is in the right place...

    I'm pretty new to android being a dedicated WinMo person so here goes:

    I just bought my spouse an x10 mini (cuz of the obvious cute factor :D ) and it seams to lack some certain key features. I have the phone rooted and most of the unnecessary pre-installed crapola removed with Titanium Backup and now I need to fix these small problems before I see her chuck the phone out of the window... Free would be nice but I wouldn't mind spending a bit hard earned to get the better app.

    1. The obvious lack of send with bluetooth in gallery - a way around this or a good app to do the job.
    2. The camera app is horrible, no zoom, no real effects, VERY basic - a completely new camera app that would do the job well/a lot better?
    3. Why do all the caller or background pictures have to be cropped? Is there even a way around this?

    Will any of these problems be addressed in the coming 2.1 update if that even ever comes :D

    Are there any other must have apps I should get her? She's not really into smartphones and basically just uses her phone for calls, texts, photos and music + some VERY light and occasional web browsing.

    EDIT: BTW, does anyone know of a list on what and what not can be uninstalled safely

    Thanks for any help people!

  2. g0nadz

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    This is in the wrong place I think? Moderator, please delete?


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