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  1. Paulynator

    Paulynator New Member

    I know that T-mobile uses 1700MHz for the 3G uplink and 2100 for the downlink. I saw that the 3G frequencies for the X10 Mini do not include the 1700 band but do include the 2100 band. Furthermore, I saw that the exact range of frequencies (from the phone's specs and from Wikipedia about the frequencies used by T-mobile) that the phone uses are contained within the band of frequencies used by T-mobile for the downlink. (I can tolerate the slower Edge uplink but I must have the 3G downlink connection because I use Android's hotspot feature to connect with my laptop.) So I contacted a seller who (of course) said it would work. Then I contacted Sony/Ericsson and the person who, after my explanation of my research (as above) replied with a quick answer saying something like "then it should work". That didn't sound very confident, not enough for me to buy it.

    I know that the Mini can be used on T-Mobile to make calls and even to make a data connection. But my question is: Has anyone tested if the Mini on T-mobile will CONNECT AT 3G FOR THE DOWNLINK/DOWNLOAD SIDE? Running the "Speed Test" app would remove all doubt. If anybody out there has one and is using it on T-mobile U.S. and would run SpeedTest on it (or has otherwise tested the download speed), I would love to know the results. Thanks very much for your help.

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Nice research there I must say. Unfortunately I can only provide the same "it should work" response as I do not foresee any potential issues given the information you have provided. However I would be interested to see what results any users do get performing this test as I do not have ability to do so from the region I operate out of.
  3. Paulynator

    Paulynator New Member

    Maybe no other replies because too long. I'll make this short(er) & sweet:

    Has anyone run the "Speed Test" app on the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini on T-mobile U.S.? I'm interested in the downlink speed only. Thanks very much for your help.

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