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X10 Needs Root Bad!!!Root (Browse All)

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  1. Blowtoke

    Blowtoke New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 22, 2010
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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a proud new owner of an X10, and like many of us I want root for my X10....

    I'm posting this thread to keep the X10 Root movement alive, and to hopefully grab the attention of capable and great devs that have rooted other Android phones.

    Although the thread owner has not updated the pot total at XDA (Let the root begin! Root Bounty currently 150$ - xda-developers), the pot is probably over $800 for the first person that provides Root access!

    I know I speak for all new X10 owners when I say we will greatly appreciate any help from anyone who has useful tips and knowledge to provide, the goal here is for all of us to work together and share what we know so that we can all make Root happen as quick as possible......


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