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X10 sync issue (contacts)

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  1. beerme

    beerme New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 4, 2010
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    Hi all, I have a PITA problem with my X10 sync'ing with gmail....

    (if this has already been covered, I apologise, I have only found info on sync issues the 'other' way..)

    Firstly, my X10 syncs fine with gmail, calender etc. If I add a contact in gmail it syncs to the X10 and appears in my contacts, great.

    The problem is, if I add contacts on the handset, when it sync's; instead of 'merging' the info from gmail and the handset into a 'shared' set of contacts it seems to just overwrite the contacts on the handset with whats in gmail contacts resulting in any (contacts) added using the handset being overwritten and effectively deleted.

    Wow, I hope that made sense to you......in short, contacts added using the handset disappear when it sync's with gmail.

    Thanks in advance for any help forthcoming... :)


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