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x18i - phone not booting = urgent help please

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  1. kingvasudev

    kingvasudev Member

    x18i mtk6573 android 2.3.4 dual sim mobile
    i rooted the phone and got htc recovery on it
    tried to install mrtb_10 rom from sdcard and it was successful(1st time)
    but the problem is it stuck in boot animation....
    it showing just blue honey bee and nothing else
    to my surprise phone is ringing when called..

    please help....
    even i tried installing silverlight rom ...getting installed but same problem (through recovery) i have not backup nor wiped data

    i tried sp flash tool and odin but phone is not connecting to system

  2. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I am not familiar with your phone at all. How did you root it? Where did you get the ROM from?

    Have you used Odin before with that phone?
  3. Starvirgo

    Starvirgo Member

    Dear Friends,
    I've just got an x18i mobile from China, a great product - stunning looks of xperia arc with the addition of another sim & TV; can anyone help me with following:
    1.0 Upgrading my android 2.3.6 to 4.0 on this mobile.
    2.0 How to increase RAM from the present 446MB.
  4. Starvirgo

    Starvirgo Member

    Dear All,
    I urgently need to root my x18i mobile, it's an android 2.3.6 with 445mb Ram & a pathetically low internal memory of 160mb.
    The purpose is to obviously raise the internal memory by linking it to sd card & then increasing RAM as well.
    I have tried the Z4root, superoneclick & unlockroot 3.1 but nothing has worked.
    In superone click it just stops at step 5 giving an error message :
    "export PS1=""
    ./zergRush: not found

    It will be great if someone Can you kindly tell me how can I root my phone with detailed steps.

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