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  1. CaseyR

    CaseyR Member

    So my less-than-a-week-old X2ME with barely any apps on it, is locking up and rebooting at least twice a day. It's tolerable but obviously a fix would be great.

    Might be worth mentioning that I haven't yet had the update that a few people have reported getting. Hopefully it rolls out soon.

    Anyone else having this issue? Aside from that, such a brilliant device!!!

  2. Philarmie

    Philarmie Member

    I bought my first X2ME in januray from carphone warehouse and had the same issue, they replaced it with a new one for me and the problem stopped. I get the occasional freeze now and then but nothing like twice a day.
  3. CaseyR

    CaseyR Member

    Ah. Got mine from eBay so can't return it unless it's straight to Motorola. Anyway, someone on another forum suggested a wipe from recovery which I'm going to try now.

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