X8 recovery.

  1. ilfaychaud

    ilfaychaud New Member

    After about 25 hrs, im now dementd. i managed to open recovery in my x8, at one stage, but i now have cleared my fone by hard reset, and have reinstalled busybox, chargmon and various different types of xrecovery, could someone plz tell me wot i am doing wrong, and wot is the exact xrecovery file to use with my x8, running on 2.1, is there an update, ?

    i also manged to reboot at one stage by pressing vol and power button together.

    my fone is rooted ok with superuser, showing busybox and chargemon. ok. and it shows xrecovery, installer too, is it becos my fone is on 3 network. or why oh why can i not boot into, xrecovery,help!

  2. suhel28

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  3. ilfaychaud

    ilfaychaud New Member

  4. ilfaychaud

    ilfaychaud New Member

    finally got it fixed with the latest rom froyo 0.15

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