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  1. ridingduo

    ridingduo Member

    So I thought someone here might know something about this.

    It's no doubt because of a free app that I installed I'm seeing occasional messages informing me I've won a new iPad.

    Yeah, yeah...spam...coming through in my taskbar...great.

    Anyone have any clue what app(s) might be responsible for this?

    They gotta go...


  2. T.M.M.L

    T.M.M.L Well-Known Member

    Greetings ridingduo,

    Unfortunately, any app can be responsible for this. Developers do like to get paid for their work.

    A few ideas....

    1. Try purchasing the full version of apps to support the Dev and as a side note, get rid of ads. LOL

    2. If your rooted, try install a firewall app like Droidwall or LBE *************. These apps allow you to choose which app can connect to the outside world.

    3. If rooted, get Titanium backup. Backup your apps and then you can try to remove them in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) to see if you can root out the culprit.

    If not rooted, you can get the app Super Manager. It has a backup function as well.
  3. ridingduo

    ridingduo Member

    tmml, Thanks for the reply!
    Sorry I didn't get back sooner, was travelling...across the Rockies...in a snow storm...yeah, really...sucked.

    Anyway, I did find this:
    Xapush.com spam help for android phone? - Yahoo!7 Answers

    and found I had two apps using AirPush.

    I DO agree mostly with getting the pay versions for the apps I use and I guess this'll be a reminder of what to expect if I don't.


    North and South
  4. Sirrom

    Sirrom Member

    Addons Detector works nicely also to find the source of the unwanted push-spam in the task bar.
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  5. ridingduo

    ridingduo Member

    S- Thanks for that, never hurts to have too many tools! ^_^

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