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  1. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    Hi all,
    I bought the device couple of weeks ago. I'm loving it.

    But it restarts every few days by itself. I'm not talking about the sense restarts as I had that too but after removing some of the widgets from home screens I haven't had any thank God.

    These restarts shuts off the device completely and turns it on and after it recovers there's a request to send an error report to htc as it has had "an abnormal restart" or something like that. and it happens randomly sometimes when I just press the power button to wake it up.

    Any suggestions? I was told on another forum that one or two restarts a week is normal for these devices and I shouldn't be worried. Is that the case or should I take it back to the dealer?

  2. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    hi Pouya

    I have exactly the same problem. I also notice that on some occasions, the phone is on, but you just get a black screen (I know it's on because the green LED flashes for a message). You then have to remove the battery to restart the phone.

    I've looked online and some people suggest it may a launcher issue, and installing an alternative has a positive effect.

    Let me know how you get on!
  3. Sam 95

    Sam 95 Member

    I also have this problem and it seems to be getting worse, I have tried using launcher pro instead of sense but it still does exactly the same thing. I have seen people say that it may be caused by a loose battery but I'm not sure.
  4. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    hmm i've also read that an ill-fitting sim could also be the problem... i don't think anyone really knows!

    the annoying thing is, there doesn't seem to be any action which causes the restart. it has happened after i've used some apps or browsed, it's also happened when I've not touched it for ages and it's just been sat on the desk!

    there are days when it will happen a number of times, there are days when it doesn't happen at all!
  5. Sam 95

    Sam 95 Member

    yep, exactly the same thing here, I just hope its software related and they bring out a patch. which network are you on? I'm on orange not sure if that makes a difference?
  6. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    i'm on O2. it shouldn't be long before Ice Cream Sandwich is made available, so before I start playing around rooting the phone, etc. I think I'll wait for that to be released, see if there's any difference.

    as far as I'm aware, my phone's not restarted at all today (watch it do it in the next 2 mins! :D)

    good days and bad days :)
  7. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    Hey all,
    No it doesn't have anything to do with network as I live in Kuwait and have am a totally different network.

    So no solutions at all? What do you guys suggest, should I take it back to the store? The reason i'm hesitating is that if I get an even worse device lol.
  8. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    from what I've read online, it's just "one of those things". i've read threads about people returning 2 or 3 handsets and still having the same problem. whether it's a dodgy batch, i don't know - but with the range of people having problems (ie. across the world), it would indicate some kind of hardware/software problem?

    I think I'll wait until ICS is released shortly and see if that makes a difference...
  9. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    Any idea on when exactly will it be released? And this might sound stupid but how exactly do we update?
  10. HTCXE

    HTCXE Member

    Go to settings then to about this phone or what it would be with yours it is at the very bottom of the menu. then to Software updates. It should also check automatically every few days.
  11. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    i'm guessing it will prompt you for an update, just like when you have an update available for an app.

    last I read, ICS was due for release on the first batch of HTCs (including the Sensation) in "early 2012". presumably that means Q1, so any time from now until March I guess. I've read that the Beta version is out there, so can't be far away :)
  12. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    Great thanks.
    I've discovered another glitch. Don't know if its from my network or sim card or the device. The network internet icon at the top if the screen disappears and there's no more internet. I have to go to settings and turn it off and on for it to come back.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? Although I should sat that I have very old sim card.
  13. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    hmm can't say i've ever experienced that... you're right, it may be if your sim card is old and the contacts are a bit worn. your provider shouold be able to issue you a new sim card at no cost if you tell them :)
  14. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    These restarts are starting to really annoy me. Got the sense restarts back too. It's ridiculous, its not like we bought a cheap device, I mean its an expensive smart phone and it should act like it not like a cheap knockoff.
    First it was the touch screen which I found a fix for on a forum by putting aluminum foil on the side pin then the sense and phone restarts and now network problems?

    Im going to take to the company, problem is HTC is in Kuwait only through an agent company and they handle the warranty etc. So I'm not too sure about how helpful they're gonna be.
  15. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    it certainly sounds like you shouldn't have had to do the aluminium foil thing... i've not got that issue fortunately.

    one thing i did think of (prompted by the "turns itself off" thread), is could this problem be too many apps running in the background? i had this problem a few times at the weekend and I had been using lots of apps/features (I was on the train). i've started to go into settings and "kill all" apps when i've been heavily using the phone.

    i've not had any restarts yet, but this may just be coincidence... though it would make sense (?) for the phone to restart itself if it is short of memory to perform basic functions?

    i may be completely wrong though...!
  16. Jim1976

    Jim1976 Member


    I've only had the one restart where it needed to send the error to HTC. I remember when this happened was when i was using Whatsapp messenger at the time and a notification came up for some other app causing the phone to restart. I can't remember how many apps i had running in the background but i do find myself doing a Kill All at the end of the day for some general housekeeping :)

    I certainly haven't had loads of restarts for it to become a nuisance.
  17. Bernard Chen

    Bernard Chen New Member


    im having same problem here too! my phone restarted 5 times this morning! how should i fix the problem???
  18. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    is there any chance that this could be some kind of HTC/network-wide problem.

    my handset has behaved for a good couple of weeks, but this morning it has restarted/turned itself off 3 times this morning.

    this could just be a coincidence with Bernard, but could point at something with HTC background updates, etc?

    i don't know if that's technically possible?
  19. pippin12

    pippin12 Member

    Hi Guys, this is my first post. I got my second Sensation XE this afternoon - I sent the first one back as it shut itself down and rebooted twice in four days. I've had the new one for five hours and it's already done the same thing! My question is should I send this one back too? I really love the phone but as someone said earler it's an expensive piece of kit and should be perfect for the money spent. Really don't know what to do. My difficulty is that I really don't expect a third to be any better so I'd change it for something like the Samsung S2. But I really don't like that phone half as much! Aaargh what to do, what to do... any advice out there?
  20. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    Guys, I believe I found the solution.
    I went to my network provider and changed my simcard because i had a very old one. from back to maybe 1999 or something. anyway the new simcard wasn't working at all on my device. no internet and the signal kept coming and going.
    so after 3 days of headache as it was the weekend i went to the main branch of the network provider and thankfully the guys there knew what they were doing for a change.
    they told me that the newer htc devices only work with Iphone 4s simcards, as i pointed out that no they don't need a mini simcard he gave me the Iphone 4s simcard but without cutting the inner piece. an example: http://images04.olx.com.sg/ui/8/74/...ting-service-for-iPad-iPhone-4-1279993913.jpg
    he even pointed out that Iphone 4s NOT even Iphone 4. this means the newer simcards. And since then the network signal has been fine and to my surprise I havn't had any restarts since then!!! THANK GOD and touch wood lol
    By tomorrow its going to be 3 weeks since i changed the simcard and no restarts.

    Try it guys. hope it works for you. And if it did try posting this somewhere official for sensation xe or making it sticky or something as this bothered me allot and I almost took it back to buy an s2!
  21. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    still getting the sense reloads from time to time though
  22. pippin12

    pippin12 Member

    Thanks for posting Pouya - that's fantastic news! I'm going to try a new sim card asap and see how i go...
  23. Pouya

    Pouya Member

    You're welcome. Let us know how it works out. Just make sure they give u the IPhone 4s simcard.
  24. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    hi Pouya

    how is this different to the complete restart? :)

    edit - i asked my provider about supplying me with a new sim, and they asked about the restart problems and suggested doing a hard/factory reset?
  25. pippin12

    pippin12 Member

    I've been googling the problem and it seems to be a wider Android issue. Other phones that have it include the Samsung S2 and the Sony Experia as well as a few others. Some people have said that it's a faulty app that does it and to remove the lot, do a factory reset, wipe all data then reintroduce the apps slowly one by one checking to see if the problem reoccurs. Someone else said that it happened to him when the phone was brand new with no apps running. Others have said it's an improperly inserted sd card, a faulty simcard or a loose battery. I replaced my battery and it happened again so not convinced it's that. I've got the new simcard in and like Pouya I hope it does the trick. I've also done a factory reset and wiped all data and am starting again reinstalling apps slowly. Will keep you all posted.

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