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  1. Armani12

    Armani12 New Member

    Does any one have this phone? How it works? Do you like it? What about changing it to English?

  2. abstractrobbie

    abstractrobbie New Member

    I just got this phone as I live in China and the price is good, just under 2000RMB on Taobao.

    I like it. It has plenty of memory for my needs. I like the general look of the phone etc. As far as changing it to English it has a number of language options available including English. My grievances are that the help app which comes pre installed from XiaoMi is in Chinese and is not changed along with the menus, although this is not the end of the world, that would be if all the system menus were still in Chinese and they are not.

    The other issue is plugging in to a PC. I assumed I would be able to access not only the SD card memory but the 3gb internal storage too but only the SD shows up.

    It tried to install a USB driver but I ended up having to search for that online as there is no disk with the phone, no software to install on the pc or anything. There may be a disk manager available from their website but there is no English version or at least not that I could see so there is probably something you can install but that will require an ability to read Chinese, I certainly can't read enough to use software like that.

    Question, are you supposed to be able to access the phones internal storage via a pc? I installed some games onto it and they appear to have installed on the SD card and the only move option is to move to SD not the other way around so there they stay. I am a bit baffled :confused:
  3. linus zhang

    linus zhang Member

    If you want change lauguage, in home page,touch menu .then you look for 系统设置,then you can find 系统。touch it then look for 语言和键盘,then look for 选择语言
  4. toffzter

    toffzter Member

    Do you know of a good online shop where I could buy this phone? I've read here that it costs $345 at an online shop

    Is this a good price?
  5. toffzter

    toffzter Member

    You should check out Xiaomi M2. It has a quad core CPU and it comes out with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Coming this October...
  6. gadgetsguy

    gadgetsguy Member

    Anyone get the M2 yet? is it worth upgrading from my MI?

  7. Bates_

    Bates_ New Member

    M 2 is one of the most popular android phones in China mainland, the cost permanence is awesomely high , but Demand outstrips supply in China, so I v chose m1s,I mean it , it worth ,bro
  8. Bates_

    Bates_ New Member

    M 2 is awesome, and many Chinese can't get one cos the supply, if you can get one, so cool , bro
  9. Alicebaby

    Alicebaby New Member

    Xiao-Mi Phone is popular because it has a reasonable price, but with better processor and performance than other Android phones. And the supply is LIMITED, it may be the key reason for its popularity.

    The phone can be bought from the Xiao-Mi homepage, but it is VERY difficult to buy.
    So, it is better to look for it through Amazon or other online-store.

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