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  1. Rogue

    Rogue Well-Known Member

    Picked up my XL beats audio today and it says the storage should be 16gig. Checking my phone it states "total space 8.89gig", "available space 8.22gig" then at the bottom of internal storage "3.7gig"

    I'm slightly confused. Anyone shed any light? Please?

  2. rhedgehog

    rhedgehog New Member

    Perfectly normal.

    Add the two together and you have around 13GB. Plus the around 2GB needed for the OS and other partitions which you can't access and so aren't listed.

    Of course, that 37 is what's left after you've installed a couple apps, put contacts, email etc on. it's 3.9 after a hard reset (or it is on my one anyway...)

    There's the 15gb that you actually get on a 16gb chip/card.

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