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  1. Triciaa

    Triciaa Active Member

    My upgrade came through a few days ago (Ice Cream) and since then my phone is freezing up, unable to slide ring tab up as normal (to unlock) tried to power off but that didn't work either. Finally took the battery out and restarted that way, only to find it still continues to freeze on me.
    Any suggestions please?

    Many thanks

    (I have not installed any new apps, only installation was the ice cream)

    Now the slide ring on my phone is moving up and down (on its own), getting the usual notice (pull ring to...) and the next minute all my phone contacts come up on screen without me doing anything and for some reason I have no wifi signal (no service) touch screen is still not working
    This morning it seems to be running fine, except for some keys not working , using landscape now and ok but not on portrait?

  2. Lowey5

    Lowey5 Active Member

    Hi, mine does the volume thing now and then, however I think its me pressing the sides in when pushing the power button on the top.

    In respect of your other issues, did the update run completely uninterrupted with no restarts etc? if it did then it should be ok, if it didn't then this could be your issue, was it a 3G upload?. I don't know how to downgrade then upgrade but HTC may help.

    The other thing to do is to remove apps that were there before as some are not yet fully compatible with ICS, I had two that were acting odd so I removed them. (bit of pain to do this but think of how many apps there are and this software is very new, you may even consider starting again with it, back up fully including photos then wipe it and slowly load stuff back on checking after each app that its ok)

    failing this then it must be the phone, but generally its what else is on the phone than hardware as its running fine on most other phones.

    Hope this helps
  3. Triciaa

    Triciaa Active Member

    Thanks for your reply Lowey5. I decided to wipe the phone clean by taking it back to factory settings. The problem still occurred, both the freezing and some keys not working on keypad. I have taken it back to the store and they are sending it away to have it checked out and hopefully a good repair will be done :) No doubt the ICS will be pre-installed. Fingers crossed:)

    Oh and btw, the installation of ICS was without interruption

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