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  1. darkmar3

    darkmar3 New Member

    hi there, im planning to buy this mobile and im reallllyyy interested in doing so..
    my priority is gaming and a fast processor...however i heard that the xolo has some issues with apps as it is not compatible with the NDK (Native Development Kit) variety of applications which are mostly games but run the Dalvik VM variant properly....i heard with just a little compilation and a simple update this could be solved...but my question is does this issue still exist ?
    thank you for answering and wishing u a very happytnew year

  2. suwaid

    suwaid Member

    Yes it's 28th of July 2013 and i still have performance issues with this device.

    I do love the phone when it comes to design, camera and touch but when it comes to performance its bad as it get heated up real bad also gets rebooted itself.

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