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  1. jhat3k1

    jhat3k1 Well-Known Member

    I was really hoping for the NFL and skype app on here being verizon gear.....no such luck.

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  2. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    I'm using 3g Watchdog... pulled the apk off my DX since it doesn't show in market for Xoom yet.
    It works on the Xoom, no force closes etc.
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  3. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

    Not getting Stupid Zombies to work. It comes up to the game designer's title screen but never makes it past that.
  4. Proph

    Proph Well-Known Member

    oh i totally forgot about that app, going to check that out when i get home. i remember seeing google show that off a few a weeks ago and it looked awesome.
  5. blozout

    blozout Well-Known Member

    happened to me. I back out of it and reopen it and it works fine. but initially it hangs on the developer screen. otherwise it works awesome. high res and everything.
  6. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    If you folks can find PSX4Droid 1.6, you will be stunned how great PSX games play on with Tegra 2. Dead or Alive and Tekken 3 play smooth with sound. Jerky slow messes on my Incredible and Droid X.

    The newer versions of the app are slower, but have better sound. I prefer frame rates and "okay" sound. Still, even the V2 of PSX4Droid in the markt plays a lot faster on the Tegra 2 than other chipsets.
  7. parrotheadmjb

    parrotheadmjb Well-Known Member

    We need a text message tethering app!
  8. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    Someone in another thread mentioned that Google Body is actually a HTML5 website, not an app, to be found here:

    Google Body - Google Labs
  9. zardoz

    zardoz Well-Known Member

    "Extended Controls" is an essential app for me on my Evo, and it's working for me on the Xoom.

    It allows you to create customized toggle bar widgets in a small area, to conserve screen real estate. I've got it set up on Xoom to allow me to toggle syncing, wifi, airplane mode, and show battery % in a 3 tile wide row. Transparency turned up so it barely shows.
  10. dwboston

    dwboston Active Member

    I have the same issue. When I look in the VZW app, there is actually a phone number associated with the tablet - they apparently assign is a number as that's the only way to track it in their system. The problem is they send the text with the password to that number. There's some fine print saying they will send the password by regular mail to your address in 3-5 days, so I guess I'll just have to wait for that.

    The app and the widget will show your data usage without having to log in.
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  11. PaulG1488

    PaulG1488 Guest

    Hows your battery with that apps doing the recent reviews say its been killing battery faster than before
  12. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    Thumb tablet keyboard in the market.
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  13. yooperpj

    yooperpj Member

    Just downloaded. I love it!
  14. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    Make sure you set up for 10" tablet!
  15. Maddingo

    Maddingo Well-Known Member

    Anyone try DrawFree yet? Doesn't look like anyone has downloaded it yet. I hesitate when there aren't many downloads of an app.
  16. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    There are 500,000 to 1,000,000 downloads!
  17. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    felt this was worth repeating...

  18. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    Side load "3G Watch Dog" its works great!
  19. Maddingo

    Maddingo Well-Known Member

    The Tablet version is different. (Different developer) That only has 100-500. So far..
  20. zardoz

    zardoz Well-Known Member

    I'm not seeing much difference, if at all, in battery life.
  21. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded Samarai II watch out iPad. This tab is rocking.
  22. Dunbar

    Dunbar Active Member

    When I go into the marketplace, there are only 16 tablet apps. It does not include many of the apps mentioned in this thread. Is there a way to pull up all the tablet apps in the marketplace app besides those 16 listed under the android apps for tablet screen?
  23. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    Just because many work just fine it does not mean they are "Tablet Optimized".

    There will be many that get optimized in they next few months. Some will charge extra and some will remain free.
  24. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    Yea, and to answer that more completely, the complete honeycomb sdk has only been available for less than a week, I believe. It's going to take a bit of time for the devs to work with it and fine tune their apps. I'm sure as we move forward we'll see plenty more apps show up in the tablet section of the market. Give it some time.
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  25. PaulG1488

    PaulG1488 Guest

    If you go to the android market website from your xoom and type in tablets in the search box you find more apps on the site then you do through the market app itself
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