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Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich - Bugs, problems? List them hereSupport

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  1. Problem 1: No face unlock available. I wonder why not?

    Problem 2: I'm trying to use the "Picture Gallery" widget. It crashes every time after I select "Single Picture" and then pick the picture I want. The widget does not get created.

    Problem 3: Contact photos in the "People" app are low-res. I understand this for the ones I set manually (as those were the mini icons from the old school Contacts app), but the ones pulling from Google+ should be high res. Not sure why they aren't.

    Whadaya got?

    (Edit- this stupid forum won't let me upload my screenshot)

  2. redpanda

    redpanda Well-Known Member

    If you use the recent apps button and scroll up, then scroll down, you sometimes get artifacting, with apps appearing in the navigation bar. But that's seriously the only bug I've noticed.
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  3. Problem 2 related: Looks like any time I try to pick a Gallery picture to do anything with (set as a widget, set as a contact picture) the gallery crashes and does not set the picture. Grr! Rebooting now.
  4. Definitely a problem with the gallery, but can be worked around.

    If I go into the gallery first, find a picture, then menu-set picture as contact, it works. If I go into the Contact first and choose to update the picture, then gallery crashes when you pick the picture you want to use.
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  5. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    I believe the same issue exists in the SOAK release version...
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  6. headmizan

    headmizan Member

    On occasion, when I bring Swype up I get a message that the size isn't correct for my screen.
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  7. nycebo

    nycebo Well-Known Member

    Same issue with my SGN. It's a problem with google and not with ICS. They are still porting the crappy res apps from the older smaller icon devices. Such a hassle, but there is a HUGE thread on Google Groups complaining about this very weak implementation of a feature.
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  8. bezerk19

    bezerk19 Well-Known Member

    I don't have Problem 2 and as for Problem 3, check out a post I made on the Galaxy Nexus, maybe this might help answer the question for you:
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  9. jigjags

    jigjags Active Member

    anyone know the key press combo for screen shot on the new ICS update.?
  10. bezerk19

    bezerk19 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, hold down the power and volume down button at the same time.
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  11. jigjags

    jigjags Active Member

    ooh thanks
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  12. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    I noticed #1 as well - I wonder, why not?

    I don't really use the people app so I haven't tried setting pictures, so I haven't come across #2, but I did open the people app and did notice that the pictures weren't high res (#3).

    Things have been working great for me with ICS, I haven't had any issues yet.
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  13. mched

    mched Well-Known Member

    I noticed that when you are using the web and go to your favorites, there is no longer a "house" icon that takes you back to your web home page...
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  14. Well, I figured out the people app thing. You have to go back into Google+ settings and make sure you click "Sync contacts." That brings over their high res pic from Google+ and sets it.

    As for the older pics (for people who don't have Google+), you have to manually re-set those from the device to get the high res version.
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  15. ilovethebeach

    ilovethebeach Well-Known Member

    App icons are smaller. Cannot add to my bookmark widget (stock). Had no
    program setting wallpaper. Can s/o help me with the bookmark widget?
  16. What does this mean?
    I'm confused, you can't add the bookmark widget? It's in the list, and I'm using it just fine.
    You long press on empty space on any home screen to set the wallpaper.
    Go to your widget list and look for the bookmark widget.
  17. commander24

    commander24 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is a bug but its certainly annoying, when the xoom is placed in its dock, ICS wants to either bring up the clock or news360 app. With honeycomb, the lock screen would appear and the screen would turn off after a couple of minutes. Now it appears to stay on until the power button is pressed. :(
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  18. loopt

    loopt New Member

    I just got the OTA upgrade to 4.0/ice cream sawndwich, and now the Nook app refuses to download new issues of the NYT and boston globe. Other magazine subscriptions work fine as usual. Nook tech supportcan't fix the problem, and say that I should report the bug to Motorola. The message is 'title cannot be read on this device'. Seems like a. DRM issue - not sure why Xoom ICS loses ability to do this. Old issues of NYT and globe still readable - just blocks new issues???

    Anyone find a solution? Let us know.
  19. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    Biggest bug of them all. On a fresh reboot both cores of the processor are working correctly. Once the device goes to sleep and wakes back up the second core does not ramp up and stays at an idle. I'm berry unhappy with this update and hopes it get fixed asap
  20. Um. How can you tell this?
  21. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Well-Known Member

    I second that enquiry. If it's something gleaned from an app, then it may well be the app misreporting. I have found no performance issues that would suggest I'm only getting half of my Tegra, and I've barely been able to put my Xoom down since updating
  22. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    I can't get that to work on mine... Maybe I am doing it wrong?

    Also, I am not a fan of how now when you do a long press on a blank portion of the home screen it only gives the options for Wallpapers, not Apps and Wallpapers. I think this is a pretty big step back. I wonder if that will be updated in the future?
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  23. bezerk19

    bezerk19 Well-Known Member

    I just tested it, but and you hold them both down at most 3 seconds.. If you are receiving the volume screen pop up that means you are holding the volume down first, and and vice versa with the "turn off" prompt. When you hold both of them down at the same time you shouldn't see any prompts until you get the "screen shot" message.
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  24. They put the widgets in with the app drawer. It's more intuitive to a new user, and something you'll have to get used to, because it's not changing back.
  25. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    Taking away features and creating more steps to do simple tasks isn't a way to keep people with Android IMO. I don't think I like where they are headed... I was around for 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, all added features which I preferred each time. 4.0 seems to be taking away features and head down the iOS "less is more" path. I am not making that statement based solely on the fact that you cant add widgets from a long press on the home-screen. I first noticed it in how the notifications are handled on the GNex.

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