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  1. epyon9283

    epyon9283 New Member

    Anyone else notice that there is a ton of noise in the sound output from the xoom when using headphones or the built in speakers or is mine just defective?:confused:

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    ive used the HD dock, two sets of headphones, a Fostex 6301B active monitor and my blueant M1 stereo speaker and do not hear any hiss.. i would guess if you have the main volume up all the way its possible you can hear hiss. for me i have the volume at 75% and no hiss at all thru any of the above mentioned devices.
  3. epyon9283

    epyon9283 New Member

    I can hear the hissing (which varies in pitch at random) at pretty much all audible volume levels. I think I'll try exchanging it at best buy to see if I can get one that works properly.

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