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  1. Arizona Willie

    Arizona Willie New Member

    I have always been concerned about dropping the Xoom because it is so slick.

    So, I got to thinking ( unfamiliar territory for me ) and asked my owner to get some elastic. She got some 1" wide black elastic. I wanted 1 1/2" but they only had it in white which would get too dirty.

    So I glued a piece of 1" wide elastic to the back of the Xoom and made a dandy strap.

    Very nice and secure.

    I can walk around without worrying about dropping the Xoom now. Super Glue holds just fine it seems.

    If I have the Xoom resting in the palm of my hand my fingers are still up under the strap.

    I'm going to try to attach some pics. Haven't done that here before.

    Huh, didn't work. Said it couldn't do it because a security token was missing!

    I'll try photobucket.



  2. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Well-Known Member

    Good idea, but there is no way I'm gluing something to my xoom...lol I find that the portfolio case makes it much easier to grip.
  3. Arizona Willie

    Arizona Willie New Member

    I don't like using the portfolio case around the house. I do use it when I take the Xoom for a walkabout.

    I was surprised that the strap doesn't interfere at all. Still fits nicely in the portfolio case. Just used it this morning.

    I had a period where it seemed the portfolio case might be causing overheating. The lower right corner gets warm, especially when running videos. At one time the Xoom was acting up and when I took it out of the case the problems went away. So now I only use it when I go somewhere.

    And, around the house, the strap is great. It was a lucky angle I picked. It works to hold it in portfolio view with either hand and in landscape with my left hand. lHolding it with my right hand under the bottom a couple of fingers slip into the strap also.

    I hadn't really expected it to work in so many positions. Got lucky for once and it worked better than I expected.

    Super Glue won't hurt the aluminum back.

    It certainly wouldn't hurt it as much as dropping it which I've almost done several times. Dunno why they make them so darn slick. Well yeah ... they sell more that way when people drop 'em :)
  4. jtmorris

    jtmorris Active Member

    I really appreciate the strap on the back of my ZooGue case, so I understand the motivation. I would reccomend one to use at home.
  5. Arizona Willie

    Arizona Willie New Member

    Umm, are you recommending the case or the strap?

    I haven't seen the case so I don't know about it, but the strap I put on has turned out to be far handier than I had expected! :)

    Motorola should add this strap to the Xoom II.

    It really improves security when handling the Xoom.
    Failure to have put a strap on the Xoom was a major blunder.:(
  6. jaiotu

    jaiotu Well-Known Member

    My old Nokia n800 had a "kickstand" that I frequently used as a handle similar to your make-shift strap. I can certainly understand the utility of the hand-strap even if I wince at the asthetics of it.

    The ZueGoo case looks like might fullfill the need for a hand strap without sacrificing the appearance for those of us clumsier tablet users.

  7. ilovethebeach

    ilovethebeach Well-Known Member

    I have a ZooGue case and it works great. I don't take my Xoom for walks.
  8. Tencutty

    Tencutty Member

    This has me thinking, I have a gel skin that I got on eBay for a buck and i'm thinking two slots cut into the back of it with a loop of elastic pulled through the loops and sewed together in the inside. No unsightly glue, no unsightly sewing seem. Nothing but a handy dandy hand strap. Thanks for the idea!
  9. Tencutty

    Tencutty Member

    Like this!

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  10. woodchuck499

    woodchuck499 Member

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