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  1. sockmaster

    sockmaster New Member

    Has anyone else's wall charger that came in the box stopped working? If so, how do I fix it short of buying a new one?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    they are cheap. 25 bux.

    did you purchase from verizon? some other local store?

    if your within 30 days, take it in for a replacement or call moto and have then send you one.
  3. Kit58105

    Kit58105 New Member

    mine made the light flash once ouf ot he bos today and now it's not working
  4. mjf1

    mjf1 Well-Known Member

    I gave up on my wall charger - had to keep fiddling with it to make contact. Ended up buying a Moto car charger for my Xoom and using an ac to car charger wall adaper that I bought a while ago from BB. Works great now and I have more charging options.
  5. GLOCK 22

    GLOCK 22 New Member

    Actually signed up just to answer this, took the time to do so in case it helps since I searched every place I could imagine on how to fix it.

    The problem stems from the small metallic sleeve around the pins. This is a free fix, and sorry for the lack of pictures just don't have the time.


    Simply take a small to medium pair of Chanel-Lock pliers and GENTLY squeeze the top and bottom of the sleeve together. When I say GENTLY, I MEAN GENTLY. Just a tiny amount of pressure, stop - plug it in the wall, the phone and test. Took two times to get the correct amount of bend needed for mine.

    I am a handgun, not a metalurgist...

    hope that helps and I will try to stop by if anyone else has any questions
  6. GLOCK 22

    GLOCK 22 New Member

    Put a little tutorial up on how to fix this, hope it helps someone else considering you purchased a new one already.

  7. Maxiewolf

    Maxiewolf New Member

  8. peacefrog1963

    peacefrog1963 New Member

    For all who own a Xoom Tablet and have problems with the charger...DO NOT buy one. Call motorola and they will replace it for free for the lifetime that you own the tablet. I have had problems with two chargers where the jack that goes in the tablet got bent. I first went to verizon and they did not have the charger and instead sold me a usb charger...did they not know that the Xoom can only be charged by the jack charger. So after no verizon stores having this charger in stock I decided to call Motorola and they replaced it for free...No sooner did I get it I accidentally dropped the tablet and the charger wound up getting bent. I was afraid that they were not going to replace it but they did...apparently the design of the charger is a bad design and they will replace this charger for the lifetime of the tablet with no questions asked!! only after getting the customer service person to admit that it was a bad design.

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