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  1. kemperhills

    kemperhills New Member

    I have purchased an Acer A200 10.1 " tablet with Android 4.0.3. In the Play Store I found an app that is supposed to run XP on the tablet. However the instructions say to open the USB storage which I cannot understand how to do.

    When I connect the tablet to my PC using the suppied USB cable all I can find is internal storage. Though this shows some of what is spoken of in the XP instructions I can find no way to acces the internal SD card to install and apk file and a SDL.zip file. This app that is supposed to allow Windows XP to run on the Android OS was preinstalled on the tablet when I bought it.

    So how do I access the USB storage on the Acer tablet.


  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    You may need to provide the specific name for the app you are trying to install. I can only guess that you are trying to install a different launcher with an XP skin. Windows XP (the operating system) will not actually run on an Android tablet.
  3. kemperhills

    kemperhills New Member

    Somehow I have messed this up, so here is my problem. I have and HP computer in my study that has all my files on it created in Microsoft Works 9. I bought an Acer Iconia A200 tablet and wanted to transfer these files to the tablet for ease of transporting them wherever I needed to carry them.

    But when try to load the files on my tablet, and they are in outline form, I lose the format and have to straighten out the outline line by line which takes a lot of time.

    Can anyone tell me how to transfer these files without losing the format. Thanks.

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