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Xpera play help!!!Support

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  1. bugoyyy

    bugoyyy New Member

    HELP!!! How will I know if my Xperia Play has hardware or software problems? My screen is locked and the touchscreen wont work anymore therefore I cant access my applications... Please help...

  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

  3. bugoyyy

    bugoyyy New Member

    If I do that am I only going to access the computer or also the phone? Coz if I'm required to access the phone it might not work because the touch wont work. Still going to try it though. Thanks a lot and will update how the results. :)
  4. bugoyyy

    bugoyyy New Member

    I tried and some of the parts of the screen worked but I left it for a while to get my SIM card and when I returned the screen is locked again (probably because of the automatic lock screen) and now I cant access it again. It seems that one of the parts of the screen which is the lower part is not working. Any ideas? :(
  5. bugoyyy

    bugoyyy New Member

    I managed to unlock the screen and I found out that only the upper half of the screen is working, the lower half doesn't accept any touch input. What should I do now? I already managed to reset it (hard reset, master rest) and update it.
  6. crazymonkey5

    crazymonkey5 New Member

    Sounds like you got a bad digitizer I suggest you go to YouTube and look up a video on how to replace it. Unless your under warranty then just send it in

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