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Xperia Arc accelerometer (gyro?)Support

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  1. Ozozoz

    Ozozoz New Member

    I try to figure out whether the Xperia Arc has a gyroscope or not. After searching the web everywhere, I still can't conclude.

    Note that a 6-axis accelerometer or gyro (gyroscope) should be the same hardware-wise.

    But from my reading, I think your device needs to run Gingerbread for its gyro to be made available.

    Does anyone every tested his Xperia Arc (running Gingerbread) with some real application that make uses of the gyroscope? I would like to hear some actual facts from someone who really knows what he is talking about.

    Example of gyro-aware apps in the Application Market:

    Phone Tester
    Gyroscope Rotate


  2. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    I used sensor test.

    And yes, the arc has all of the usual accelerometer and compass gubbins.

    Nah, this stuff has been working in android since v1.0
  3. srki

    srki Active Member

    I used "Elixir" app to see detailed specs of the phone (memory, CPU, camera details,...). There is a tab called "Sensors" with various sensors listed, but under "Gyroscope" it says not available. Under "Accelerometer" it says it is available, you can turn it ON/OFF and see the readings (like with the other sensors, even proximity).
    Are you sure Gyro and Accelerometer are the same thing?

  4. hhenne

    hhenne Active Member

    Accelerometers measures absolute angles, while gyros measures angle velocity, so it is not the same thing. If you want fast and precise registration of angles none of them can deliver that alone - but the combination can.

    In another thread I try to registrate, which high-end mobiles have gyros and which haven't:

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