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  1. rbruce1314

    rbruce1314 Member

    Can anyone help me understand the clock syncing on the Arc? I noticed recently that the time had drifted by 17 secs (compared with atomic time). I switched off 'auto' to correct it but it seemed not to let me set the seconds, each time I entered a time and hit "enter" at "00"seconds it still stayed 17 secs fast.

    So, next, I tried switching off and removing the battery for a minute. It came back on at '00:00 jan1st' as expected, then (in auto) after about a minute set itself to correct time and date, exactly (in seconds) to atomic time. Fine - for a day!! The next day I checked and it was 13 secs fast - on auto......this morning it had got to 17 secs. So, out with the battery again. Put it back in - 00:00 as before, but after 5 mins on auto no reset. So I switched off auto to reset manually - - and as soon as I switched auto off the clock corrected itself to the second!!

    I'm completely confused - is there a fault in the Android clock? Or is it to do with the o2 clock signal - how often is that transmitted anyway? Continuously, every minute, or once a day? Does anyone know :confused:?

  2. rbruce1314

    rbruce1314 Member

    Two weeks on - has nobody any idea where the fault is? When the clocks changed, the phone did indeed drop the hour - but put the clock 24 secs fast :mad:. Since then (still on auto) the times on consecutive days have been +24 sec, +13 sec and today +32 sec :eek:.

    PLEASE someone - ANYONE? tell me where to look for a solution.

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